Day 88

Daaayyyy 8----8. I was just singing that and wasn't quite sure how to type it out. Ha! Can you tell I'm excited???? We Stretched last night right before bed and it was so nice! I was a little too chatty for Jeremy's liking and disturbed his chi or something so, sorry Jeremy! It really felt good and as we started, I realized I was a bit sore in some areas that I hadn't noticed until I started pulling on them. Looking forward to Core today... gonna push it hard and go out on a strong note.

Busy, busy day today. FINALLY getting our life group back here tonight after some weeks off due to spring break and a church function. We should be getting 4 new people tonight so I'm gonna have to figure out how to rearrange my living room to get everyone in her comfortably. Really excited to get our lesson going and hear Jeremy bring it. It will also give me a chance to practice speaking to a group again before I have to do it at Women's Retreat. Ok, now my stomach's nervous!

Ya'll have a great day... I'm gonna run and start cleaning this house from top to bottom! Later.


  1. Hey Jeremy tells me you guys are doing all 13 DVD's back to back, to celebrate day 90! Ooops...didn't he tell you? :O)

  2. If he plans on doing that, he better plan on doing it with his next wife... HA!!

  3. Isn't it CRAZAZY that you are almost a P90X GRADUATE?!!! What a sense of accomplishment, especially that you get to share that with your husband-mine is too skeeered! lol, bless his heart! So proud of you! and glad I finally got to speak to you on the phone today! :)