I wasn't sure exactly what I was gonna do yesterday but Lori had never done CardioX, so we popped it in. We had quite the sweatfest and Lori really liked how hard it made her work. It was so fun working out with her and I'm going to really try and help her when she goes home to Pittsburgh. She's a beautiful person (and single if you know of anyone!) with a great smile and I want her to feel better about herself and I know she will if she makes the X work for her. I wish she lived closer so she could just work out with me all the time, but we'll just have to make the Amarillo-Pittsburgh long distance thing work. I set her up a blog last night so hopefully she'll start posting and get much needed encouragement from ya'll too! I'll give you the address of her blog as soon as she gets it going.

This morning as I've been sitting her waiting for Symon to get ready for school, I've been thinking back to 3 years ago today when we had our 3rd son, Tommy. I can't believe he's 3!!!! He's a funny little boy that reminds me so much of Jeremy. He LOVES his brothers and wants to do everything with them and like them all the time. He's always excited to go to church and play with his friends. The teacher told me yesterday that ALL the little girls love him because he's so sweet to them. (That ALSO reminds me of Jeremy! Ha!) He loves to cuddle with me and is super smart. I'm so thankful to be his mommy!!

The first pic is of Tommy around 2 months old... The 2nd is of Tommy a few weeks ago.


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  2. he is adorable! love the hair :)

  3. Adorable, love the hair!!

    See, you inspire people all over the country, CardioX is the best one to do with people if they're interested. It's such a great workout!!

  4. Did you hear me say, awwwwwwww?? :O)

    (VERY cute!)