Women's Retreat Pics

Here are a few pics from the Women's Retreat I just went on... thought some of you might enjoy them! They're out of order probably but oh well...
Above is me getting ready to leave Amarillo... Can you tell I'm way excited to get out of town??

Below are a few of the women I rode with to Glorieta, NM.

These 2 lovely ladies are Amber and Thelma. Amber just finished her first round of P90X 1 week ago and Thelma is the one that introduced me to it. Thanks Thelma!!

Me & Amber right before the first service. We're so ready!

Karaoke night at the Chuck Wagon Cafe. Someone put my name in to sing but lucky for everyone, I got out of it!

In the room right before people started showing up for my workshop. These ladies were such encouragement to me!

Amber took this pic of me right before I started... can you tell I'm about to puke?

Christine Caine from Hillson Chruch in Australia. She was phenomenal!!

This is the silly, goofy, real me... thought you might like to see what I'm actually like... just press play! ;0)

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