P90X+ Bring on the Muscle Confusion!

Alrighty then... We popped in Interval X+ yesterday and it worked us over pretty good!! It was so intense and has you "bringing it" from start to finish. I definitely need to work on my technique in a few of the exercises but I pushed myself hard and I'm really feeling it today. I'm excited to see the improvements brought on by this round. I'm so shocked to even be saying that!! I'm so glad we decided to do this instead of another round of regular P90X because honestly, I needed a little break from the same old funny jokes and the "kids"!!

Looking forward to the busy week ahead. I have to get everything in this house in order to make it easy on Jeremy and the boys while I'm gone with the girls at Women's Retreat. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! We really did and I can't wait to celebrate a whole lot more this weekend with my girls!!!


  1. YAY! Great Job! Have fun on your retreat!

  2. I know what you mean with silly jokes & the kids. I feel all eye rollish now, and we are only on week 10. I guess I'll keep the + in mind instead of maybe another round. Keep us posted on how its going!