P90X Total Body +

Yesterday was a blah, blah day for me. I was feeling super sluggish and thought I may be coming down with something but I know I was not at all myself. My boys were in rare form and not helping the situation. So, I was not up for any kind of P90X sweatfest. I felt so bad making Jeremy fly solo but he was so understanding and didn't push at all.

Today, I really wasn't feeling a whole lot better and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to push play but I got some loving encouragement from my husband and I decided to put in today's workout, Total Body +, and bring it the best I could. I feel better now that I got it in but I wouldn't have even done it without Jeremy cheering me on. Thanks darlin'!

Now the workout... whoa! Crazy intense... so many moves that just seemed wrong!! I mean a pull up and then lift your knees to the bar... what???!!! I felt like I was at square one again because I wasn't keeping up with 'em at all. Ugh. I know I'll improve but I'm feeling all those "I want it NOW!" feelings.

On a side note... A friend of mine called me today who is on week 3 of P90X Classic and she was so discouraged because the scale hadn't budged at all. I talked with her about her nutrition and stuff and then I told her to measure herself after we got off the phone. I mean, she was on the brink of quitting thinking she was the wrong "type" of person for this program. Well, she measured herself and LOST 7 and a half TOTAL INCHES!!! When I talked to her she was on cloud nine and had her husband measure her again just to make sure she did it right. He came up with the same thing and she said she'd take inches lost over what the scale said any day!! I was so proud of her and that was just the motivation she needed to keep going. She said she was ready to bring it today! So, if any of you are hating the scale right now, measure yourself and see if there are any changes. More than likely there will be and it will be just the boost you need. Celebrate the victory and let it motivate you to get to your next goal!

Gonna do some X Stretch tonight I think... looking forward to that cuz I'm super sore from all this muscle confusion!!


  1. Hi :-)
    I just re-started P90x and would love for you to stop by my blog to give me some motivation! I've missed the last 2 days of workouts :-( I did P90 a few yrs ago and lost about 35 lbs and had a six pack tummy....lots of stuff happened in between and I'm back to where I started. I'm looking for some friends for support :-)

  2. Motivating each other is what it's all about! I'd love to stop by your blog but I couldn't see the link to it. Link me up and I'll come on over! Thanks for stopping by mine and good luck on your journey!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! And that's great news about your friend! I was channeling the same thoughts - I dusted off my measurements from Jan 1 2008, and the results from then 'til now rejuvenated me to keep on going.

    Thank you for always being so motivating and inspirational!

  4. Yeah, that move is NUTS! I'm doing that workout in a couple minutes, so you just reminded me what I'm getting into! haha.

    I pray your women's retreat goes wonderfully! I'm sure it will. I can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  5. YUP! Everyone just needs to stay away from the scale the first month and go based on measurements. Good job coaching, Christina!