It is so weird! We are having such a hard time taking a break!! So, yesterday evening we decided to pop in Abs Core + just to see if we could make it through. We watched it first and I thought "There is NO way I'm gonna be able to do that!" But, with some encouragement from Jeremy, I got in there and gave it a go. You know what? I DID it! We struggled with technique at times but over all it wasn't as scary as I thought. Hard? Yes. But, very do-able. I just have to keep reminding myself what I went through with X and how I was so doubtful at first but I totally did it! I think it's as hard as Ab Ripper just in a different way. ABX is so fast, you seem to get a cardio workout as well. AbsC+ has more isolated moves that don't get you breathing hard but does provide a burn like no other. As my technique improves I'm sure it will get better and better. I'm getting excited now to go onto + and not feeling as nervous anymore! Yay!

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me... My sister and her boys are coming for Easter this weekend and then I'm off the following Thursday for Women's Retreat. I'll have to start reviewing the workshop I'm doing soon, like now! I wrote it a while back and the Lord just keeps revealing new things that I feel should be added so I need to get that wrapped up. Then, the following weekend and dear friend of mine from our Air Force days (Jeremy was in the AF) is coming to visit us. Can't wait! She also just started P90X because of us and I can't wait to talk about it with her and help her in any way I can. I also can't wait to have some late night girlie gab sessions!! Know what I mean girls??!! Anyway, I'm looking at a busy month ahead but I'm not complaining!!

Have a great day everyone and keep pushing play and pressing in!


  1. ha! It sounds like you might be having some P90X withdrawals :)
    I can't wait to hear more about the + program! It sounds crazy insane!!!

  2. Well...unfortunately we've come to the conclusion that we can't afford the + yet. :O( Keep me posted on how it's going, until then, we'll be 'bringin it' again with another round of the 'X'! Who knows...maybe once I get some 'coaching' experience, I'll be buying the + before ya know it! :O)