Jeremy did that last weekend...

It's been a couple of days since we finished up this round of P90X. I can't believe I can say that!! We've been taking a break from it all and I've been trying to take a mental break from it too but it seems like it's all anyone wants to talk about (we love talking about it too)!!! I guess it's good that people see us and want to know what we did, how we did it, and if we thought they could do it. That's what it's all about... right?! We're excited to see so many getting on board and deciding to get healthy. It's humbling to have been any small part of that decision.

If you've read Jeremy's blog, you'll know that we got "+" in the mail yesterday. We watched one of the DVDs and I well, I almost cried. It looks BRUTAL!!! I think I had the same feelings before starting X so hopefully once I start doing it my fears will subside. I look forward to working hard and continually improving. Jeremy is super motivated and he LOVES this new lifestyle of ours. It's so surreal to see him this excited about working out and eating healthy. I never dreamed it could happen and yet it has. One thing you should know about him is that when he gets into something, he's ALL in (our best friends here at home know that's true!). I love that so much about him even though sometimes I get a little grumpy when it means spending more money on the JEEP!! No, he's really great and I know he'll encourage me the way I need it through PLUS.

One last thing... I want to thank all you out there that have been a big part of our journey to a healthier life.

I feel so blessed that I met you out there in P90Xland and that Jeremy and I have gotten to know you more and more. You words of encouragement have meant so much and just hearing about how hard you and Alana work has been inspirational. I know God is moving in this and I can't wait to see where it leads!!

. You are AWESOME! Just looking at you makes me want to work harder. More than that though, your leadership is a gift and I pray that God will continue to show you the way you can use that gift for His glory. Thank you for your support, guidance, and advice. We are gonna be in this thing for the long haul and I'm glad I have you there to go to. Keep up everything you do!

You are truly amazing. Your words and candidness make people gravitate to you and feel like they've been your friend forever. I have a feeling that's not the first time someone has told you that! Thank you for encouraging me to be the best I can be. God bless you sister!

David & Nikki...
Thank you so much for making us feel like we are truly making a difference. That we are influencing people to make a decision to change their lives for the better. Your positive attitudes and kind words have made a HUGE impact on our hearts and has also motivated us more than you know. We pray blessings over you as a newly married couple and please know we think it's so awesome that you're also in this TOGETHER!!

Amber & Chris... I'm not sure if you'll ever read this but, there are no words I can type here to give justice to my feelings towards you. Thank you for everything and for going on this journey with us. It's been something else the Lord has used to knit us even closer together and I didn't think we could get any closer. We love you so much and I know you know that. Your grad day is next and we couldn't be prouder of our dear friends.

I guess that's it for now... I'm going to go and get some things done around this house unless it all gets blown away by this West Texas wind!!


  1. Same here! Ditto...and all of those other agreement sayings!!! Thanks to all! And thanks to you Christina for keeping me going!

  2. Congratulations!!! I am so inspired and motivated by your journey! Your faith and belief in the Lord is truly what draws me closer!

    I've lost about 90 lbs so far and have been curious about P90X for over a year. I've also heard that Chalene from TurboJam also has something similar out. Have you heard anything about Chalene's program or know anyone that's doing it? I saw some of it briefly on the web, and know that it's more tailored to women, but still have P90X in the back of my head. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. C. Thanks for your sweet words! I want nothing more than to be TRUE to who I am...and to somehow use all this passion for fitness to impact people for God.
    You and J. are a special inspriation for me because you have that vision too. It's easy to see that God is #1 in your lives. The fact that you closed your blog to give your focus to your projects shows that you have a true balance and focus. I am so happy that you re-opened it but I respect you for keeping your priorities straight! I am like J.--in that I go after things 100%. Sometimes it's easy to get off-balance in certain areas.
    Anyway...thanks again for your kind words. It blesses my heart SO much to hear that!!
    I believe we are truely kindred spirits!

  4. I can only echo the words right back to you and Jeremy...thank YOU! AWESOME accomplishment!

    ...and tell Jeremy to quit playing in the snow! :O)