Post P90X Fit Test Results

We finally got around to doing the post fit test and it's quite a workout in itself! It was sure a lot different than the first time we did it and I highly recommend that you do this before and after the program. I'm sure most of you have, but if you haven't, check out Jeremy's blog to see his results!

Here they are:


Weight: (I'm ONLY putting this on here in case there's one person out there that might find motivation from this! This is a super hard thing for me to do!!!)
Day 0 - 149 lb
Day 91 - 134 lb - 10% loss

Chest: (Not sure if this is a good thing)
Day 0 - 36"
Day 91 - 32" - 11% loss

Day 0 - 33"
Day 91 - 28.5 - 13.6% loss

Hips: (Still have my curves!)
Day 0 - 42"
Day 91 - 38" - 9.5% loss

Fit Test:

Chin Ups:
Day 0 - 0
Day 91 - 5 - Big Gain

Vertical Leap:
Day 0 - 9"
Day 91 - 12" - 33.3% Increase

Day 0 - 7 Knees
Day 91 - 45 Regular - 543% Increase

Toe Touch Stretch:
Day 0 - +3"
Day 91 - +5.5"

Wall Squat: (I was dying here and Jeremy was making me laugh because he was calling me stubborn!!)
Day 0 - 20 seconds
Day 91 - 3:28 - 940% Increase

In & Outs:
Day 0 - 18
Day 91 - 100 - 456% Increase

Overall, I'm pleased with the results! I'm really looking forward to what the next round brings and seeing more improvements. I've heard a lot of women say they don't want to do P90X because they're afraid of "bulking" up. That didn't happen in my case. I have gained muscle tone but no Arnold Schwarzenegger arms or anything... ha! So, that's another excuse you can scratch off your list for not getting it!

We're starting the 2 day fast tomorrow. (Yikes!) Looking forward to seeing what that's like. I've fasted before but never with a drink like this. I'll be sure to post to let you know how it goes!! I have a lot of things spiritually that I'll be dealing with as well and I'm looking forward to some revelation!

Had another awesome group tonight!! 5 new people!!! That makes 9 new people in the last 2 weeks! AWESOME!! Our group is up to 31 now... I think. It might be more. I'm so tired right now I could be missing someone. Anyway, we're just sooooo excited to welcome more hungry people into our home looking to further their walk and be in fellowship. Our group is indescribable and He's so forever faithful!!!

Ya'll... I'm headin' to bed.


  1. 45 pushups??!! wow! That is awesome and inspiring as well! You have come a long LONG way! Congrats to you~~
    Good luck with your fast~ let me know how it goes! I just received mine in the mail last week!

  2. These are fantastic results - you should be very proud of your accomplishments! I'm so excited to get the P90X ball rolling!