Day 89- ENGAGE

Core. We all know it... it is what it is. TOUGH. We tore it up and I actually went deeper during stacked foot push ups hitting my nose on the floor. Thanks Jeremy for pushing me... I wouldn't have even tried if you weren't there encouraging me! I guess Tony's right when he talks about our mind telling us to stop doing something when we actually can do it if we just push ourselves. Great workout tonight.

Ok ya'll... I just have to say, life group was amazing tonight. Before people started showing up, Jeremy told me he felt like something BIG was gonna happen and boy, he was right! Crazy good ministry was going on for some people who were hurting and feeling lost. Jeremy brought it big time with a great message that touched a lot of people's hearts. He's really a fantastic teacher and makes everyone feel loved. Anyway, sometime I'll have to record it and send it to anyone out there who wants to listen... hmmmmm- that reminds me of something Jeremy. :)

I guess that's it from me. DAY 90 tomorrow... kinda feels like Christmas Eve to me right now!!!! I guess I better get my before/after pics up... I know, I know Demi... I need to get over myself and post 'em!!


  1. YES You do need to post them! Just remember...they are a HUGE inspriation and motivation to those of us still trying to get through our 90 days!!
    Also, CONGRATULATIONS on hitting your nose on the floor during push ups! WOW! I have also never tried that...but now that you've done know I'll have to try it! :o) 90 huh? Are you sad or excited...or both? Are you going to have a big cheat celebration meal?
    You know what I was thinking that would be a good idea to do on day 91...and before "after" a Marathon of P90X after another after another! (where you work out EVERY muscle group in your body) and THEN take the pics!! I don't know if I'll actually do it...but it just seems like a cool idea...I wonder how many I could last through before I drop to the floor??

  2. Ok Jen... what in the HECK were doing up at 5:17am????

    I'm so excited about it being 90 days. I think I will be a little sad when we finish our workout but I know "+" is right around the corner. I'm gonna cheat big time this weekend on my diet but I'm thinking my eyes will be bigger than anything my stomach can handle. I haven't cheated once this whole time so I know anything bad that goes down, isn't gonna be pretty. Know what I mean??

    Um, you and Jeremy think alike about doing all the videos back to back... the only thing is, HE was joking!! You would probably really do it cuz you are fit as a fiddle as Tony would say!! Wild woman! I'd drop to the floor just THINKING about doing it!

  3. How exciting that you are at your 90 days!! I am really excited for phase two. I am anxious to see your transformation! It is really good motivation for everyone completing this program! Congrats on getting through!!