Back & Biceps - Ab Ripper X

I'm crazy to think I have time to post something so I'll make this short. I rocked out Back & Biceps last night along with Ab RipperX. It had been a while since I did either and I am ultra sore today! Jeremy was a monster and had an abfest with Abs Core+ AND Ab RipperX. I thought I might join him but then decided otherwise. I'm glad I didn't do it because I probably wouldn't be able to move today if I did!

Looking forward to an awesome night of testimonies from the women who went on retreat. Looks like we'll have a like 40+ people here tonight and I can't wait!! Want us to record it for you? So, I guess I don't need to tell you how much I need to get done around here today plus, we have tile guys in here laying tile in my hall bathroom!! Yeeeesssssss!!!! Finally!

I hope ya'll are well and you have a great day!!

Oh- sorry to make you endure all the pics of my last post and yes, I am a DORK!


  1. Great job hitting that workout! Wish I could have been there....busy week!

  2. Way to go with the workout!! You could have found soooo many excuses to NOT do it! Sounds like you're a busy, busy girl! Way to go coach!

  3. I heard your life group was amazing! You are an amazing testimony to anyone who touches your life-treating your body as a temple and spreading the love of Jesus. What's better than that?! Great job at the workout, love that one! :)

  4. Hey Christina forgot to tell you thanks for the welcome!

  5. Thanks for checking in Christina and leaving a post. I am not a daily blog person so I'll try to leave something once a week. I've read your posts and glad you had an amazing time at the mountaintop. It seemed like a real boost, and speaking of boost, that's just what Jeremy needs! You both inspire me so much, with such passion for Christ and this newfound fitness. I'll post something tommorrow with the scoop on my 1st week of X.

    God Bless