This Chick Is Feelin' Strong!

Last night I rocked Kenpo Cardio X+ with weighted gloves and I loved it!! There is something about that workout that makes you feel super strong and validated. Like you could actually use some of those moves to ward of an attacker or win a fight if you got tossed in the octagon. Watch out GSP!! I don't know how many times (jokingly of course) that I've told Jeremy I was gonna Kenpo his behind if he didn't quit buggin' me!! Anyway it's a hard, sweaty, fun, heart thumpin' good time and if you haven't tried it yet, you need to!!

I haven't decided what I'm going to do today as far as a workout. I probably won't until I'm all ready to go and start flipping through my DVDs. It will be a resistance day, that much I know. They main thing is I KNOW I'll be pushing play because it's just what I do now. It's just been added to the list of things that are a "must do" during the day.

Now I have to run and do the other "must do" things on my list. Cleaning, laundry, and of course some pool time with the boys. Y'all have a great day and don't forget to push play!!

Where did June go?

Things have been pretty busy around here. Jeremy's mom, who lives in Oregon, came to heat wave central to visit us for a week. She had a sweet time with the boys while Jeremy and I got to go on a little quick getaway. We enjoyed the time together and Symon, Jake, & Tommy enjoyed the time with their Nana. We all got to visit with her for a few more days before she left and really enjoyed the time with her. It will probably be another year before we see her. I'm hoping to win the lottery one day so we can fly up there to see her as much as we want!! LOL! Like that will ever happen!

Well, the Team Beachbody revolution is for real folks. Jeremy and I have counted so many people we personally know who are doing P90X or some other Beachbody program that we lost count around 50. People are getting healthy and it's an awesome thing to see. While there have been some who haven't committed fully, it's interesting to see the ones who have. Some people have really, really shocked me. People I thought would quit on day 3 have pushed through and commited to their success like nobody's business!! Awesome! I've never been so happy to be wrong! I have really loved coaching and it has actually been more fulfilling than I ever thought it could be. Before I had my kiddos, I was a recruiter for different companies and the thing I enjoyed most about that was helping people. I guess this is no different and it has been a perfect fit for me. If you're reading this and you need a coach, feel free to let me know!

We've been all over the map on when and where we've worked out lately. When we were on our little trip, the hotel had a fancy, schmancy workout facility that we took advantage of although I wasn't quite sure of how to use the machines. Give me my P90X DVDs and some bands any day! Jeremy has been having some back issues which have caused him to lay off a lot of the resistance workouts but he has picked up biking again which he really enjoys. He needs a good road bike so if you have any suggestions... feel free to let me know! I've been concentrating on some areas that are a bit tough for me. Like, pull ups. I've really improved since the beginning but I still have a ways to go so I've set some goals for myself and I'm gonna reach 'em!! You've got to be confident right?! I've also been using a few of the One on One DVDs and I love them. If you've been thinking about ordering those, quite thinking about it and just do it!! They're awesome!

I guess that's it for me right now. I hope your summer is going well and you are having a great time in the sun with those you love!

Summertime is Killin' Me!!

Nah... it's great, but it is keeping me far away from this blog!! I'm so sorry and I'm sure you're sick of checking in here with no new news. But I'm still here working my tail end off and running around after 3 boys who have cabin fever if they are cooped up in this house for more than 5 minutes! So, let me know if you're still out there reading. Drop a comment just to say hi if nothing else!

Ok... The night before last I hit the One On One 30/15 workout. OH. MY. GOODNESS. That is a wicked tough workout and I have to admit I was a little skeered before I got started. It is comprised entirely of push ups and pull ups and some of the moves are sooooo tough. So, I heard Tony saying, put a number in your head and just get to that number. I'll be honest and say the number in my head was 20 push ups and 10 pull ups instead of the 30/15 he had in mind. After all, I wanted to at least make it through without passing out!! I pushed hard and almost 48 hours later, I am mega sore. I actually kind of like that. It's a sickness, I know. In keeping with the OOO theme, I cranked out Plyo Legs tonight and as I sit here chugging down my yummy P90X Recovery Drink, I'm wondering why I would want to continue on this soreness train. Well, choo-choo, I MUST improve! Can't do that if I don't push myself right? OOO Plyo Legs is a quad burning good time and he ups the intensity big time from Plyo X in P90X. Love that. If you are almost finished with P90X and wondering what to do next, get the OOO series. You can't go wrong with it and you'll continue on with the muscle confusion.

I hope you all are doing great out there. Oh, and if I'm your Beachbody Coach, shoot me and email and let me know how you're doing or you can always comment here.

Like a lot of you, I'm looking forward to hitting some goals I have set for myself this summer. For me, setting my sights on something helps motivate me and with all the distractions I have, I need all the motivation I can get!

Be blessed!

Looking Good Isn't Good Enough

This was posted on FB today by Tony Horton... thought I'd share it with you all.

I've been sitting on this title for weeks and I've been having the toughest time trying to figure how I want to approach this topic. I like to focus on tangible ideas that help me live the lifestyle I preach about. I was in Atlanta last week at a Team BeachBody event talking about the effects of fitness and clean eating on the body and brain. My mantra is based in the belief that if you exercise today you get fitter today. If you exercise and eat whole foods today, your health improves today. If you exercise today the quality of your lives improves today because the area inside the temporal lobe of the brain releases proteins and chemicals that make you happy, confident and productive. And last but not least is the effect of exercise on your bodies ability to fight disease and injuries. All these amazing things will (not might) occur the same day you choose to exercise. Wow! So good!

What makes me crazy is that most people on this planet are so hung up on their looks. I'm one of them. Who am I kidding right? I'll show off my biceps and 6-pack at the opening of a letter. It feels good to look good. I understand this as well anyone. The problem lies in the thought that changing your looks is going to make your life better or more manageable somehow. Or that thinking a better body in the future is a sustainable motivator right now. Wanting to look good is great. Thinking that looking good is the end all be all holy grail is disastrous. If looking good is your first priority then it's probably also true that you live your life for others. It means that you care more about what others think of you, than what you think of yourself. This typically results in behavior that is contrary to consistent healthy living. Weight lose thru diets, diet pills, starving yourself before events like weddings and reunions, living and dying for the numbers on your scale all reflect the vicious cycle created by the look-at-me world we live in.

I think our egos can coexist with a more important and powerful energy that can give us purpose on this planet. This energy is the desire to be better. To be stronger, healthier, smarter, more patient and more productive. It's the desire to figure out what you're fighting for. What are YOU fighting for? Is it shapelier calves or to enter and finish your first 10K? Is priority 1 to lose the belly or to do 40 perfect push-ups? Is it looking good in a red dress at a wedding in front of a bunch of people who care too much about what they look like in front of you? BORING! I'm more impressed with the fit girl who can do splits on the dance floor. Success comes from a very gentle shift in priorities. From look-like to can-do. For some this shift is as simple as an on-off switch. For others it will be like cracking a safe. If you find that life has been filled with too many ups and downs then it might be time to make the shift. Constant focus on looking good will only disappoint you. Discover that fighting to be better, brings thrills and chills you never thought imaginable.

"Are you gonna do more exercising?"

That is something our little 3 year old son, Tommy, says as soon as he sees one of us change into our workout clothes or if he sees us rolling out the dumbellls and put in a DVD. I thought it was cute and I couldn't think of a title for this post so there ya go!

So things were a little bit crazy for me this week and a little bit slow. I had a tiny little medical issue that caused me to miss a couple of workouts but I will be back full swing starting tomorrow!! I think my body was actually grateful for the rest and I need to remember that rest is OK. Jeremy was in the same boat actually. Back issues has caused him to take a break but it's funny, he's had some good muscle growth during his time off I think! Crazy!

It's so funny, we were talking to another fellow P90Xer last night and he and a few other guys do the P90X workouts together at a gym. Well, some tough high school guys decided they were gonna join them and see what this P90X was all about. They came in the first time for Legs & Back and one of them puked right afterward. They came in again the next day for Plyo and yep, you guessed it... puked again. Of course, he said he had eaten like 30 minutes before and we all know that Plyo and too much food on the stomach do not do well together! If you wanna blow chunks, then give it a try. LOL!

It's amazing how on fire P90X and Beachbody programs are right now. Jeremy and I counted like 40 people we personally know who are pushing play with P90X. Just this morning at church we heard of another group doing it together. We also have friends doing 10 minute trainer and Slim in 6. Both excellent programs that are working for them. The main thing though is that so many people are wanting to get healthy and change their lives. Jeremy and I are honored to have been a small part of so many people's transformations. We are humbled when someone approaches us to tell us how we inspired them to get healthy or just made them start exercising again because if those Branson's could do it... so can we!! That is so AWESOME!! I can't imagine what it must feel like to be Tony Horton, Mark Briggs, Chalean Johnson, Shaun T, Debbie Seibers, and all of them... I love being able to represent them all so to speak being a BB coach. What an opportunity!!

Ya'll have a very blessed week and remember your mental attitude is everything so stay focused!

New Pic

Here's a little sneak peek at some new pics I just took. I'm not used to showing so much skin!! Be kind... I've been working really hard!! For those of you seeing this blog for the first time, this is after one round of P90X and 30 days or so of P90X+. I had just finished working out and it was hard to even flex!!

P90X Attitude

Whatever we're doing in life, a good attitude is a big factor in it's success. Whatever task, workout, job, etc., if we go into it with a defeatist attitude, then guess what you'll get... defeated. If you keep your head up, stay focused, work hard, and have a positive outlook, success isn't far behind. I think we have to apply this to our P90X workouts as well as our nutrition. Of course there are times when I don't feel up to sweating buckets and making my muscles burn like they're on fire, but I know that when I push play, I better make the most of the time I'm setting aside to do that workout. I know that if I go halfway or have a bad attitude about it, I'm just totally wasting my time, my family's time, and that just isn't gonna cut it. Same thing with what I eat. I can't look at food as a mountain whenever I'm faced with it. Nutrition isn't that hard if I just see it as fuel and if I know not to put anything in my mouth that isn't going to give me the most energy. A candy bar sure might sound good but it is absolute non-food with empty calories that will just end up dragging me down. The 10 seconds it takes me to scarf it down might be a nice 10 seconds but it really isn't worth the bonk!! I'd much rather eat healthy and have energy that will help me push hard during Plyo, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, or IntervalX. Stay positive, eat clean and things will be much easier on you in the long run.

That was just on my mind so I thought I'd post it. We're still working hard here in Branson-land and we're loving our improvements. I have to admit that during Plyo the jump knee tucks were tough for me this whole time but I finally got them down!! So, after 1 1/2 rounds of P90X, I can finally do them right!! We all have areas we need to improve in and it's really nice when we finally do!! Yay me!!

Gotta run... Jeremy will be home in a few and we're gonna rock out some Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. Gonna get my mind right and bring it hard!

These Days Are Getting Busy!!

Ok so here's my dilemma... It seems like when I stay home all day with 3 restless boys, my house is destroyed 24/7. No matter how hard I work, I just can't stay ahead of the mess and it's drinving me CRAZY!! So, for the past few days I've been working like a woman on a mission getting this house in shape as well as the outside. My back is killing me from bending over, pulling weeds, planting flowers, cleaning the house, etc. Well, everything is finally tidied up and so yesterday I got out of here. I had these boys busy... we ran errands, met Jeremy for lunch, fed the ducks, went to the discovery center, did some shopping and when we got home, both my little ones were exhausted. Jake hit the couch and Tommy went to my bed and they both took naps... ON THEIR OWN!!! I wore them plum out! Yippee! Where I'm going with all this is when I'm not home, I'm also not on the computer. I don't post or keep up with much. So, I have a feeling my posts my be pretty scattered over the next few weeks. If anyone needs to chat with me, feel free to email me or find me on FB. I can always check those on the 'ol I-Phone. I can get online with it too but I'm sure not going to write a long blog with it! We also just got a membership to the Amarillo Town Club so we'll have a pool to go to all summer and that will just add to my absence so I'll be going through some major computer withdrawls!!

So, yesterday Jeremy and I knocked out some lovely IntervalX+. It's a favorite of ours but what made it interesting was the tornado sirens going off while we were doing it! I would stop, run outside, and if I didn't see any rotation over our house then I'd run back in and we'd push play. Crazy I know but tornadoes have just been a normal thing all our lives so unless we see the funnel cloud about to land on us, we're just thankful for the rain.

Looking forward to today... going to take the boys to the pool before it storms again and just enjoy our Friday night. I hope ya'll do the same!

Kenpo CardioX Plus

Had a crazy busy day starting with church and then a lifegroup gathering at the park for some yummy ice cream and watermelon. How old fashioned is that?! We had a good turnout and all was going great until the rain came in. It made for a short time together but it was fun nonetheless.

Got home and rested for a short bit and then hit Kenpo Cardio X Plus. I'm not sure if that's what we were supposed to do today but we were tired and needed to get in a good quick workout so that's what we chose. I'm not complaining at all though because I looooove that workout! I used the hand weights again and the burn was intense. I finally have the workout down now where I don't have to think about the moves, I just do 'em! So, I went as hard as I could and burned some of those nasty calories I ate at the park. I think I could do that workout everyday it's so good!

Looking forward to the week ahead. We're starting our lifegroup back up for the summer semester so if you need a group, I don't care if you live clear across the country, you're always welcome! We could get you the lesson somehow or maybe we can start recording it. Now that's an idea!

Ya'll have a great week and I look forward to reading all about it!