"Are you gonna do more exercising?"

That is something our little 3 year old son, Tommy, says as soon as he sees one of us change into our workout clothes or if he sees us rolling out the dumbellls and put in a DVD. I thought it was cute and I couldn't think of a title for this post so there ya go!

So things were a little bit crazy for me this week and a little bit slow. I had a tiny little medical issue that caused me to miss a couple of workouts but I will be back full swing starting tomorrow!! I think my body was actually grateful for the rest and I need to remember that rest is OK. Jeremy was in the same boat actually. Back issues has caused him to take a break but it's funny, he's had some good muscle growth during his time off I think! Crazy!

It's so funny, we were talking to another fellow P90Xer last night and he and a few other guys do the P90X workouts together at a gym. Well, some tough high school guys decided they were gonna join them and see what this P90X was all about. They came in the first time for Legs & Back and one of them puked right afterward. They came in again the next day for Plyo and yep, you guessed it... puked again. Of course, he said he had eaten like 30 minutes before and we all know that Plyo and too much food on the stomach do not do well together! If you wanna blow chunks, then give it a try. LOL!

It's amazing how on fire P90X and Beachbody programs are right now. Jeremy and I counted like 40 people we personally know who are pushing play with P90X. Just this morning at church we heard of another group doing it together. We also have friends doing 10 minute trainer and Slim in 6. Both excellent programs that are working for them. The main thing though is that so many people are wanting to get healthy and change their lives. Jeremy and I are honored to have been a small part of so many people's transformations. We are humbled when someone approaches us to tell us how we inspired them to get healthy or just made them start exercising again because if those Branson's could do it... so can we!! That is so AWESOME!! I can't imagine what it must feel like to be Tony Horton, Mark Briggs, Chalean Johnson, Shaun T, Debbie Seibers, and all of them... I love being able to represent them all so to speak being a BB coach. What an opportunity!!

Ya'll have a very blessed week and remember your mental attitude is everything so stay focused!


  1. My kids say the same thing.. OH NO!!! Are you going to Work Out?? ha ha ha
    They don't love it because it takes time away from them...but geez...they get me the other 23 hours a day...surely I can have just ONE to get a work out in! ha ha

  2. NOW THAT IS WHAT IT'S ABOUT GIRLFRIEND!! And that is why BB coaches are so happy all the time and so motivated! You summed it up PERFECTLY!! :)

  3. Great progress pic, absolutely amazing. Talking about kids...we had the chance to hit a Newsboys concert and I posted a quick video of my girl singing along. I posted it on my blog. We were right up front, too cool. Great Job, glad to see you both take it to the next level. Ya know, you COULD be a runner too. HA!

  4. Thank you rainman! Gonna go check out that the video of your little girl... love the Newsboys!!

  5. I've been debating on the p90x program for a couple weeks now and stumbled on Jeremys blog. I see that you both have 3 young children. I do as well and am concerned about not making the time commitment. How did you both make the time.

  6. Jennifer...

    Like anything extra we do in life with kiddos, prioritizing is the key. Getting healthy was something we knew we needed to do for ourselves as well as our family. P90X actually made it easier for us because it was an easy to follow workout routine as well as nutrition plan. We never had to load up kids to take them to a gym, we just did it at home and if they needed us, we only had to push pause. I understand not thinking you'd have time and here's the thing... it's tough. We just committed for ourselves as well as the kids and now we're well past the 90 days, healthier, fitter, and we found the time was all well worth it. If you ever want to talk about how to order or if you have any questions, feel free to call me or email me! You can click on my Beachbody site too!