These Days Are Getting Busy!!

Ok so here's my dilemma... It seems like when I stay home all day with 3 restless boys, my house is destroyed 24/7. No matter how hard I work, I just can't stay ahead of the mess and it's drinving me CRAZY!! So, for the past few days I've been working like a woman on a mission getting this house in shape as well as the outside. My back is killing me from bending over, pulling weeds, planting flowers, cleaning the house, etc. Well, everything is finally tidied up and so yesterday I got out of here. I had these boys busy... we ran errands, met Jeremy for lunch, fed the ducks, went to the discovery center, did some shopping and when we got home, both my little ones were exhausted. Jake hit the couch and Tommy went to my bed and they both took naps... ON THEIR OWN!!! I wore them plum out! Yippee! Where I'm going with all this is when I'm not home, I'm also not on the computer. I don't post or keep up with much. So, I have a feeling my posts my be pretty scattered over the next few weeks. If anyone needs to chat with me, feel free to email me or find me on FB. I can always check those on the 'ol I-Phone. I can get online with it too but I'm sure not going to write a long blog with it! We also just got a membership to the Amarillo Town Club so we'll have a pool to go to all summer and that will just add to my absence so I'll be going through some major computer withdrawls!!

So, yesterday Jeremy and I knocked out some lovely IntervalX+. It's a favorite of ours but what made it interesting was the tornado sirens going off while we were doing it! I would stop, run outside, and if I didn't see any rotation over our house then I'd run back in and we'd push play. Crazy I know but tornadoes have just been a normal thing all our lives so unless we see the funnel cloud about to land on us, we're just thankful for the rain.

Looking forward to today... going to take the boys to the pool before it storms again and just enjoy our Friday night. I hope ya'll do the same!


  1. Hey thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It really helpls to know that people are reading it and want me to keep going!

  2. Boy do I understand this post!!
    I was SOOO looking forward to summer break where me and the kids could just kick back, relax and enjoy some chill-time together.
    I've been running around like a nut-case screaming and whining about this mess and that mess and refereeing the constant 24/7 fight that goes on between the 2 of them. I two siblings could get along LESS than my two. It's a RARE and BLESSED occasion when I actually see them in the same room not pulling each others hair out. Matt comes home from work and the house looks WORSE (despite all my cleaning) the kids are in bad moods and grouchy and I'm on the brink of packing a bag and running away!
    Thankfully, we took some time to sit down together (while my mom watched the kids) and make up a semi-summer-schedule as well as some rules for the summer and the consequences of breaking those rules. Now I feel equipped for the "battle". Today will be the first day...the TEST! We'll see how it goes! I agree though, sometimes it is just eaier to get the heck out of dodge! I'm hoping (with this new schedule) that Friday's will be our fun-day--a reward for a well-behaved week. In the past, I took them somewhere on Friday's regardless of how the week went because I (ME) needed a break from this house...but I realize that was rewarding them even if they'd been, hard as it might be for me, if they can't earn it, we will stay home on Friday's. (I still feel like this is more punishment for me than them--but oh well!)
    Anyway, long post, I know...but I just want you to know I understand and I FULLY RESPECT that you will be on your computer less. We know we are important to you...but nothing is as important as you being mommy to your kids! They need you more than we do! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to me in fitness, spiritually and as a mother! love ya!