Shoulders & Arms : Ab RipperX

After a day of boys screaming, fighting over toys, making a mess, riding a scooter through the house, not taking naps... I was not in the mood to work out. But, Jeremy came home ready to bring it so I summoned up the energy to join him. It's funny though, before we could even start, Jeremy got a call from yet another person wanting to know about this crazy thing called P90X. It happens everyday!! We can't go anywhere without P90X totally dominating the conversation or we'll get a call at home from someone asking questions wanting information. It's great! So, we were a bit late getting started but that's ok. We knocked out Shoulders & Arms and felt the burn. Ab Ripper was modified by Jeremy who had us throw in Banana Masons in the place of wide leg sit ups. Nice. It was great working out together again. We hadn't been able to for several days. When my friend was here, she and I worked out together and Jeremy flew solo.

Looking forward to lifegroup tomorrow. Jeremy is working on the lesson now and I'm staying up with him offering some support. I think I'm gonna have to bail on him soon though... this chick is tired!


I wasn't sure exactly what I was gonna do yesterday but Lori had never done CardioX, so we popped it in. We had quite the sweatfest and Lori really liked how hard it made her work. It was so fun working out with her and I'm going to really try and help her when she goes home to Pittsburgh. She's a beautiful person (and single if you know of anyone!) with a great smile and I want her to feel better about herself and I know she will if she makes the X work for her. I wish she lived closer so she could just work out with me all the time, but we'll just have to make the Amarillo-Pittsburgh long distance thing work. I set her up a blog last night so hopefully she'll start posting and get much needed encouragement from ya'll too! I'll give you the address of her blog as soon as she gets it going.

This morning as I've been sitting her waiting for Symon to get ready for school, I've been thinking back to 3 years ago today when we had our 3rd son, Tommy. I can't believe he's 3!!!! He's a funny little boy that reminds me so much of Jeremy. He LOVES his brothers and wants to do everything with them and like them all the time. He's always excited to go to church and play with his friends. The teacher told me yesterday that ALL the little girls love him because he's so sweet to them. (That ALSO reminds me of Jeremy! Ha!) He loves to cuddle with me and is super smart. I'm so thankful to be his mommy!!

The first pic is of Tommy around 2 months old... The 2nd is of Tommy a few weeks ago.

Kenpo CardioX +

Ok... My very good friend Lori is here visiting from Pittsburgh, PA. She and I worked together at Brooks AFB in San Antonio back in the good 'ol days. Jeremy was in the AF and Lori and I worked together in an Epidemiology Lab, she was in the AF and I worked for a company that had people in that lab. Anyway... we've known each other since 1994 and while we've lived apart the majority of that time, we've remained friends and will always be close. Lori got P90X a while back and tonight we knocked out Kenpo CardioX+ in style. It was so great sweatin' it out with her and feeling 19 again (don't laugh!)! Man, that was quite the workout. First time for me and it was intense. The time flew by and before I knew it we were finished and gulping down a dreamy recovery drink. My knee is feeling the after effects though because I couldn't find my knee brace for the life of me! Not good. I have got to find that thing before I do anything else.

Yep... I guess you probably read Jeremy's post and saw that he's not feeling that well. I'm trying to steer clear of him but he kinda makes it impossible when I'm always doing stuff for him!! Ha! He knows I'm kidding and of course I'll take care of him :)! All of you wives out there know what I'm going through though with a sick hubby in the house. Joy!

Looking forward to hitting it hard again tomorrow. I'm gonna have Lori thinkin' twice about coming for a visit! She thought she was on vacation and I'm making her work hard!! It's so nice having her here and hopefully you'll get to know her as soon as I talk her into blogging!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Back & Biceps - Ab Ripper X

I'm crazy to think I have time to post something so I'll make this short. I rocked out Back & Biceps last night along with Ab RipperX. It had been a while since I did either and I am ultra sore today! Jeremy was a monster and had an abfest with Abs Core+ AND Ab RipperX. I thought I might join him but then decided otherwise. I'm glad I didn't do it because I probably wouldn't be able to move today if I did!

Looking forward to an awesome night of testimonies from the women who went on retreat. Looks like we'll have a like 40+ people here tonight and I can't wait!! Want us to record it for you? So, I guess I don't need to tell you how much I need to get done around here today plus, we have tile guys in here laying tile in my hall bathroom!! Yeeeesssssss!!!! Finally!

I hope ya'll are well and you have a great day!!

Oh- sorry to make you endure all the pics of my last post and yes, I am a DORK!

Women's Retreat Pics

Here are a few pics from the Women's Retreat I just went on... thought some of you might enjoy them! They're out of order probably but oh well...
Above is me getting ready to leave Amarillo... Can you tell I'm way excited to get out of town??

Below are a few of the women I rode with to Glorieta, NM.

These 2 lovely ladies are Amber and Thelma. Amber just finished her first round of P90X 1 week ago and Thelma is the one that introduced me to it. Thanks Thelma!!

Me & Amber right before the first service. We're so ready!

Karaoke night at the Chuck Wagon Cafe. Someone put my name in to sing but lucky for everyone, I got out of it!

In the room right before people started showing up for my workshop. These ladies were such encouragement to me!

Amber took this pic of me right before I started... can you tell I'm about to puke?

Christine Caine from Hillson Chruch in Australia. She was phenomenal!!

This is the silly, goofy, real me... thought you might like to see what I'm actually like... just press play! ;0)

Back from the Mountain

Ok... I'm back!! I'm NOT the same person though. God showed up and transformation occurred! I had an absolutely amazing experience that has me so on fire I can't even justify it with words. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your prayers and support. I covet them and am so amazed at how God can knit people together through technology!

I could totally write a novel on here and tell you about all the wonderful things that happened but I have laundry to get to and I'm sure ya'll have workouts to do! Let me just talk a little about my workshop because I know you could tell how nervous I was about it. I really felt prepared and the Lord even gave me specific scripture just a couple hours before so I know His hand was on everything. Unfortunately, I felt like I was gonna throw up right before I started! The nerves were apparent for the first couple of minutes but I quickly settled in and we got going. Funny thing happened at the beginning though... I had sent the wrong handout copies to the staff so they had printed out a life group lesson I had taught on a few weeks ago!! I had NOTHING to give them!! It really made for a good icebreaker and a nice way to laugh off some nervousness. So, I get going and it was wild when I would say something and then see everyone start taking notes!!! Crazy!! They were actually getting something! I stayed on point for the most part... got emotional a few times... quickly composed myself... kept it moving. I was allotted and hour but we went over by like 20 minutes. I have never talked that long in my life!! Strange thing was it felt like it had only been 15 minutes... the time flew!! So, after I finished the lesson so to speak, I gave the words and scripture the Lord had given me knowing it was for someone specific in the room. After it was over, there were women that came up that KNEW that word was for them. Their heart was beating out of their chest and they felt healed from emotional wounds that had been open and bleeding for so long. It was amazing. Through all the tears and brokenness, God moved, strengthened women, and healed despair that was running rampant. He is soooo good and faithful. He was waiting on those ladies to take a step and meet Him. They had to be a part of their restoration and by being there, they were. My heart is beating out of my chest just now writing this because I'm just so honored that God used me. I now believe He wants to use me and I'm going to step out and let Him do just that. I'm not going to stay stagnant in my "comfortable Christian life". I'm not going to just go to God when I need Him to do something for me. I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and use everything good and bad I've learned and gone through for HIS glory. It's not all about me even when I receive a blessing. I have to then in turn bless others for Him and grow the kingdom. It's simple really, LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE. I truly had and wonderful encounter this weekend. I can't say enough about our speaker, Christine Caine. She spoke some life changing words and if you don't know who she is, you need to!! I LOVED her... her passion was contagious and I'm happy to have caught it! I feel passion on fire in me people!! Passion I never knew I could muster up and I'm gonna use it. I'm sure I'll remember more stuff to tell you and post about it from time to time.

Well, I guess I should write a bit about P90X since that what this blog is about! Unfortunately, I got no workouts in while I was there. I did jog a tiny bit on Friday but that was it. The choices I had for food was horrendous and I starved all weekend because I'm so used to eating a ton!! Anyway, last night Jeremy and I did IntervalX and it felt so nice. My legs and rear were on fire!! I'm ready to hit it hard now and I can finally concentrate on it again with the retreat behind me. I have a lot of catching up to do with all of you! I'm off to do some reading (and laundry)!!

Be blessed and thanks for reading if you made it this far! I'll post a few pics of the weekend later!

A Releasing is Coming!

I'm headed to the mountaintop... will be back in a few days. Looking forward to an amazing weekend and intimate time with God!!

P90X Total Body +

Yesterday was a blah, blah day for me. I was feeling super sluggish and thought I may be coming down with something but I know I was not at all myself. My boys were in rare form and not helping the situation. So, I was not up for any kind of P90X sweatfest. I felt so bad making Jeremy fly solo but he was so understanding and didn't push at all.

Today, I really wasn't feeling a whole lot better and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to push play but I got some loving encouragement from my husband and I decided to put in today's workout, Total Body +, and bring it the best I could. I feel better now that I got it in but I wouldn't have even done it without Jeremy cheering me on. Thanks darlin'!

Now the workout... whoa! Crazy intense... so many moves that just seemed wrong!! I mean a pull up and then lift your knees to the bar... what???!!! I felt like I was at square one again because I wasn't keeping up with 'em at all. Ugh. I know I'll improve but I'm feeling all those "I want it NOW!" feelings.

On a side note... A friend of mine called me today who is on week 3 of P90X Classic and she was so discouraged because the scale hadn't budged at all. I talked with her about her nutrition and stuff and then I told her to measure herself after we got off the phone. I mean, she was on the brink of quitting thinking she was the wrong "type" of person for this program. Well, she measured herself and LOST 7 and a half TOTAL INCHES!!! When I talked to her she was on cloud nine and had her husband measure her again just to make sure she did it right. He came up with the same thing and she said she'd take inches lost over what the scale said any day!! I was so proud of her and that was just the motivation she needed to keep going. She said she was ready to bring it today! So, if any of you are hating the scale right now, measure yourself and see if there are any changes. More than likely there will be and it will be just the boost you need. Celebrate the victory and let it motivate you to get to your next goal!

Gonna do some X Stretch tonight I think... looking forward to that cuz I'm super sore from all this muscle confusion!!

P90X+ Bring on the Muscle Confusion!

Alrighty then... We popped in Interval X+ yesterday and it worked us over pretty good!! It was so intense and has you "bringing it" from start to finish. I definitely need to work on my technique in a few of the exercises but I pushed myself hard and I'm really feeling it today. I'm excited to see the improvements brought on by this round. I'm so shocked to even be saying that!! I'm so glad we decided to do this instead of another round of regular P90X because honestly, I needed a little break from the same old funny jokes and the "kids"!!

Looking forward to the busy week ahead. I have to get everything in this house in order to make it easy on Jeremy and the boys while I'm gone with the girls at Women's Retreat. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! We really did and I can't wait to celebrate a whole lot more this weekend with my girls!!!

Day One? Day 91?

Just like Jeremy did on his blog, I want to congratulate our friends Ken & Alana on finishing their first round of P90X!!! They showed true dedication and determination and they are a great example to many out there reading their blog. I hear Ken is also doing an amazing job as a Beachbody coach. Click here to go to his coaches page!

Well, the fast went well. I dropped 3 pounds and I can easily see how someone could drop up to 7 like it says. The drink itself was very smooth and satisfying and while last night I admit eating something "real" sounded good, I didn't. Thanks Jeremy! I would highly recommend this product!

Today we started our next round with "+". I kind of don't want to say day one... it's too depressing to think of it that way... should I say day 91? Anyway, we did Upper Body & Abs Core +. Whoa. It was tough and I wasn't sure if we were gonna make it through the whole thing. We pushed hard even though we were still recovering from our 2 day fast. I don't think we'll be working out that hard after doing another fast. Lesson learned. I have a feeling I'm gonna wake up in the morning a little bit sore. Ok, maybe a lot sore. My arms are pretty stiff right now and my abs are definitely upset at me. Good stuff. Looking forward to pressing on and making more improvements.

I guess that's it for me tonight... I'm so excited to go to church in the morning and celebrate!!

Fast- Day Two

I'm sitting here drinking my chocolate fast drink while I'm typing this and yes, I still think it tastes great! It went well yesterday and I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 2 pounds and some change. It's not really about that for me, but I thought someone might like knowing that.

I never struggled yesterday with feeling hungry or anything. I drank a TON of water and I'm sure that helped. It was just odd when it was supper time and Jeremy and I didn't have to make our big 'ol grilled whatever and tons of veggies. I gave all my boys haircuts instead! That was an adventure, let me tell ya!

I'm looking forward to finishing the fast today. My sister is on her way with her boys to celebrate this special weekend with us. I'm so excited to have them here! Oh, I went to Symon's school's Easter service yesterday and O-MY it was AWESOME!! To see all those precious children at praise & worship was just amazing. I had already been emotional from the day and that made me go over the edge. All of you out there reading this who are my brothers & sisters in Christ, understand what I'm talking about! This fast has come at such a significant time for all of us and it's made my heart stir in a special way. I also was reviewing my workshop for women's retreat next weekend and I cried almost non-stop!! That, is gonna have to change!! I can't be speaking through tears the whole time!! I'll have to keep working on it over the next few days so I won't be so emotional!! Ok, now I'm nervous again.

Well, I have to get housework done before my family gets here. I hope you all feel as loved as I do today. Jesus' Friday was the toughest thing anyone has ever had to go through and you may feel like you're in a "Friday" season right now. Just remember though, your "SUNDAY" is coming just as HIS did!! Look forward and rest on His promises.

Fast- Day One

First let me say, I posted my fit test results so scroll down if you want to check them out!

This morning I woke up to do my normal morning routine and got Symon off to school. Came home and thought, crud... the fast starts today. Quickly, I shook off those negative feelings and got my heart right for the 2 days ahead. We got the chocolate flavor and I mixed 1 scoop of the powder with 8oz of water. I used the hand blender all the while trying to psych myself up for whatever I was about to taste. Took the first sip and was pleasantly surprised! It actually tasted chocolaty! Took a few more gulps and nice, no grit! This thing is actually smooth! I quickly drank the rest down expecting the worst as I got closer to the bottom but it stayed consistent throughout. Nice. They have really come up with something good here! Now, we'll just see how I react to it... know what I mean? Little bit nervous about that. I am however, looking forward to lunch when I can chug another glassful!

I'm going to take advantage of this and make it a spiritual fast as well. I need to press in and get intimate with Him about several things. When I've done a spiritual fast before, I never got hungry... I don't even fear that this time around. I'm just so pumped that using my new found excitement about my health can ultimately further my walk. Can't ask for more than that!!

Stay tuned for updates... :)

Crazy Busy Day

Hey all! I've been meaning to get on here and share my post P90X fit test results but I've been running around all day!! Now, I have to finish some things before everyone gets here for Life Group. Hopefully when I get to sit down to finally relax, I'll have some energy left to post.

So excited to see what the Lord has for us tonight! Wish you were here with us! Have a great evening everyone!

Post P90X Fit Test Results

We finally got around to doing the post fit test and it's quite a workout in itself! It was sure a lot different than the first time we did it and I highly recommend that you do this before and after the program. I'm sure most of you have, but if you haven't, check out Jeremy's blog to see his results!

Here they are:


Weight: (I'm ONLY putting this on here in case there's one person out there that might find motivation from this! This is a super hard thing for me to do!!!)
Day 0 - 149 lb
Day 91 - 134 lb - 10% loss

Chest: (Not sure if this is a good thing)
Day 0 - 36"
Day 91 - 32" - 11% loss

Day 0 - 33"
Day 91 - 28.5 - 13.6% loss

Hips: (Still have my curves!)
Day 0 - 42"
Day 91 - 38" - 9.5% loss

Fit Test:

Chin Ups:
Day 0 - 0
Day 91 - 5 - Big Gain

Vertical Leap:
Day 0 - 9"
Day 91 - 12" - 33.3% Increase

Day 0 - 7 Knees
Day 91 - 45 Regular - 543% Increase

Toe Touch Stretch:
Day 0 - +3"
Day 91 - +5.5"

Wall Squat: (I was dying here and Jeremy was making me laugh because he was calling me stubborn!!)
Day 0 - 20 seconds
Day 91 - 3:28 - 940% Increase

In & Outs:
Day 0 - 18
Day 91 - 100 - 456% Increase

Overall, I'm pleased with the results! I'm really looking forward to what the next round brings and seeing more improvements. I've heard a lot of women say they don't want to do P90X because they're afraid of "bulking" up. That didn't happen in my case. I have gained muscle tone but no Arnold Schwarzenegger arms or anything... ha! So, that's another excuse you can scratch off your list for not getting it!

We're starting the 2 day fast tomorrow. (Yikes!) Looking forward to seeing what that's like. I've fasted before but never with a drink like this. I'll be sure to post to let you know how it goes!! I have a lot of things spiritually that I'll be dealing with as well and I'm looking forward to some revelation!

Had another awesome group tonight!! 5 new people!!! That makes 9 new people in the last 2 weeks! AWESOME!! Our group is up to 31 now... I think. It might be more. I'm so tired right now I could be missing someone. Anyway, we're just sooooo excited to welcome more hungry people into our home looking to further their walk and be in fellowship. Our group is indescribable and He's so forever faithful!!!

Ya'll... I'm headin' to bed.

Status Update!

Bring on the Emeralds! My coach, Demi Bean, and I both have made Emerald status as coaches and I just wanted to congratulate her and thank her for all the help she's given me. You are crack-a-lackin good Demi!

This is the beginning of something great and I can't wait to help transform lives!!


It is so weird! We are having such a hard time taking a break!! So, yesterday evening we decided to pop in Abs Core + just to see if we could make it through. We watched it first and I thought "There is NO way I'm gonna be able to do that!" But, with some encouragement from Jeremy, I got in there and gave it a go. You know what? I DID it! We struggled with technique at times but over all it wasn't as scary as I thought. Hard? Yes. But, very do-able. I just have to keep reminding myself what I went through with X and how I was so doubtful at first but I totally did it! I think it's as hard as Ab Ripper just in a different way. ABX is so fast, you seem to get a cardio workout as well. AbsC+ has more isolated moves that don't get you breathing hard but does provide a burn like no other. As my technique improves I'm sure it will get better and better. I'm getting excited now to go onto + and not feeling as nervous anymore! Yay!

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me... My sister and her boys are coming for Easter this weekend and then I'm off the following Thursday for Women's Retreat. I'll have to start reviewing the workshop I'm doing soon, like now! I wrote it a while back and the Lord just keeps revealing new things that I feel should be added so I need to get that wrapped up. Then, the following weekend and dear friend of mine from our Air Force days (Jeremy was in the AF) is coming to visit us. Can't wait! She also just started P90X because of us and I can't wait to talk about it with her and help her in any way I can. I also can't wait to have some late night girlie gab sessions!! Know what I mean girls??!! Anyway, I'm looking at a busy month ahead but I'm not complaining!!

Have a great day everyone and keep pushing play and pressing in!
Jeremy did that last weekend...

It's been a couple of days since we finished up this round of P90X. I can't believe I can say that!! We've been taking a break from it all and I've been trying to take a mental break from it too but it seems like it's all anyone wants to talk about (we love talking about it too)!!! I guess it's good that people see us and want to know what we did, how we did it, and if we thought they could do it. That's what it's all about... right?! We're excited to see so many getting on board and deciding to get healthy. It's humbling to have been any small part of that decision.

If you've read Jeremy's blog, you'll know that we got "+" in the mail yesterday. We watched one of the DVDs and I well, I almost cried. It looks BRUTAL!!! I think I had the same feelings before starting X so hopefully once I start doing it my fears will subside. I look forward to working hard and continually improving. Jeremy is super motivated and he LOVES this new lifestyle of ours. It's so surreal to see him this excited about working out and eating healthy. I never dreamed it could happen and yet it has. One thing you should know about him is that when he gets into something, he's ALL in (our best friends here at home know that's true!). I love that so much about him even though sometimes I get a little grumpy when it means spending more money on the JEEP!! No, he's really great and I know he'll encourage me the way I need it through PLUS.

One last thing... I want to thank all you out there that have been a big part of our journey to a healthier life.

I feel so blessed that I met you out there in P90Xland and that Jeremy and I have gotten to know you more and more. You words of encouragement have meant so much and just hearing about how hard you and Alana work has been inspirational. I know God is moving in this and I can't wait to see where it leads!!

. You are AWESOME! Just looking at you makes me want to work harder. More than that though, your leadership is a gift and I pray that God will continue to show you the way you can use that gift for His glory. Thank you for your support, guidance, and advice. We are gonna be in this thing for the long haul and I'm glad I have you there to go to. Keep up everything you do!

You are truly amazing. Your words and candidness make people gravitate to you and feel like they've been your friend forever. I have a feeling that's not the first time someone has told you that! Thank you for encouraging me to be the best I can be. God bless you sister!

David & Nikki...
Thank you so much for making us feel like we are truly making a difference. That we are influencing people to make a decision to change their lives for the better. Your positive attitudes and kind words have made a HUGE impact on our hearts and has also motivated us more than you know. We pray blessings over you as a newly married couple and please know we think it's so awesome that you're also in this TOGETHER!!

Amber & Chris... I'm not sure if you'll ever read this but, there are no words I can type here to give justice to my feelings towards you. Thank you for everything and for going on this journey with us. It's been something else the Lord has used to knit us even closer together and I didn't think we could get any closer. We love you so much and I know you know that. Your grad day is next and we couldn't be prouder of our dear friends.

I guess that's it for now... I'm going to go and get some things done around this house unless it all gets blown away by this West Texas wind!!

Before and After....

Ok... here are some "before" pictures. The funny thing I found was that I don't seem to have a lot of pictures of myself!! I'm always the one taking them I guess. Anyway, there's no way I'm posting my before sports bra pictures so these are gonna have to do!

Now, here are some "after" pics we took just a few days ago. Jeremy posted the one of us together on his site, but here are also some of me alone. Not a lot of skin showing but I hope you get you can see just how hard I've worked!
I went from a size 8-10 to a 4-6!! I'm 5'7 and I am really happy with that. I lost 4 inches around my waist, 3 inches around my hips, 4 inches around my chest (not sure if that's so good) and I lost 16lbs overall. You'd think with those kinds of inches shed I should have lost like 30lbs!! Not so! It's ok... I like my new muscles!

Day 89- ENGAGE

Core. We all know it... it is what it is. TOUGH. We tore it up and I actually went deeper during stacked foot push ups hitting my nose on the floor. Thanks Jeremy for pushing me... I wouldn't have even tried if you weren't there encouraging me! I guess Tony's right when he talks about our mind telling us to stop doing something when we actually can do it if we just push ourselves. Great workout tonight.

Ok ya'll... I just have to say, life group was amazing tonight. Before people started showing up, Jeremy told me he felt like something BIG was gonna happen and boy, he was right! Crazy good ministry was going on for some people who were hurting and feeling lost. Jeremy brought it big time with a great message that touched a lot of people's hearts. He's really a fantastic teacher and makes everyone feel loved. Anyway, sometime I'll have to record it and send it to anyone out there who wants to listen... hmmmmm- that reminds me of something Jeremy. :)

I guess that's it from me. DAY 90 tomorrow... kinda feels like Christmas Eve to me right now!!!! I guess I better get my before/after pics up... I know, I know Demi... I need to get over myself and post 'em!!

Day 88

Daaayyyy 8----8. I was just singing that and wasn't quite sure how to type it out. Ha! Can you tell I'm excited???? We Stretched last night right before bed and it was so nice! I was a little too chatty for Jeremy's liking and disturbed his chi or something so, sorry Jeremy! It really felt good and as we started, I realized I was a bit sore in some areas that I hadn't noticed until I started pulling on them. Looking forward to Core today... gonna push it hard and go out on a strong note.

Busy, busy day today. FINALLY getting our life group back here tonight after some weeks off due to spring break and a church function. We should be getting 4 new people tonight so I'm gonna have to figure out how to rearrange my living room to get everyone in her comfortably. Really excited to get our lesson going and hear Jeremy bring it. It will also give me a chance to practice speaking to a group again before I have to do it at Women's Retreat. Ok, now my stomach's nervous!

Ya'll have a great day... I'm gonna run and start cleaning this house from top to bottom! Later.