Back from the Mountain

Ok... I'm back!! I'm NOT the same person though. God showed up and transformation occurred! I had an absolutely amazing experience that has me so on fire I can't even justify it with words. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your prayers and support. I covet them and am so amazed at how God can knit people together through technology!

I could totally write a novel on here and tell you about all the wonderful things that happened but I have laundry to get to and I'm sure ya'll have workouts to do! Let me just talk a little about my workshop because I know you could tell how nervous I was about it. I really felt prepared and the Lord even gave me specific scripture just a couple hours before so I know His hand was on everything. Unfortunately, I felt like I was gonna throw up right before I started! The nerves were apparent for the first couple of minutes but I quickly settled in and we got going. Funny thing happened at the beginning though... I had sent the wrong handout copies to the staff so they had printed out a life group lesson I had taught on a few weeks ago!! I had NOTHING to give them!! It really made for a good icebreaker and a nice way to laugh off some nervousness. So, I get going and it was wild when I would say something and then see everyone start taking notes!!! Crazy!! They were actually getting something! I stayed on point for the most part... got emotional a few times... quickly composed myself... kept it moving. I was allotted and hour but we went over by like 20 minutes. I have never talked that long in my life!! Strange thing was it felt like it had only been 15 minutes... the time flew!! So, after I finished the lesson so to speak, I gave the words and scripture the Lord had given me knowing it was for someone specific in the room. After it was over, there were women that came up that KNEW that word was for them. Their heart was beating out of their chest and they felt healed from emotional wounds that had been open and bleeding for so long. It was amazing. Through all the tears and brokenness, God moved, strengthened women, and healed despair that was running rampant. He is soooo good and faithful. He was waiting on those ladies to take a step and meet Him. They had to be a part of their restoration and by being there, they were. My heart is beating out of my chest just now writing this because I'm just so honored that God used me. I now believe He wants to use me and I'm going to step out and let Him do just that. I'm not going to stay stagnant in my "comfortable Christian life". I'm not going to just go to God when I need Him to do something for me. I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and use everything good and bad I've learned and gone through for HIS glory. It's not all about me even when I receive a blessing. I have to then in turn bless others for Him and grow the kingdom. It's simple really, LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE. I truly had and wonderful encounter this weekend. I can't say enough about our speaker, Christine Caine. She spoke some life changing words and if you don't know who she is, you need to!! I LOVED her... her passion was contagious and I'm happy to have caught it! I feel passion on fire in me people!! Passion I never knew I could muster up and I'm gonna use it. I'm sure I'll remember more stuff to tell you and post about it from time to time.

Well, I guess I should write a bit about P90X since that what this blog is about! Unfortunately, I got no workouts in while I was there. I did jog a tiny bit on Friday but that was it. The choices I had for food was horrendous and I starved all weekend because I'm so used to eating a ton!! Anyway, last night Jeremy and I did IntervalX and it felt so nice. My legs and rear were on fire!! I'm ready to hit it hard now and I can finally concentrate on it again with the retreat behind me. I have a lot of catching up to do with all of you! I'm off to do some reading (and laundry)!!

Be blessed and thanks for reading if you made it this far! I'll post a few pics of the weekend later!


  1. How beautiful - I wish I could have been there! :)

  2. C.
    I knew this post was going to sound like this. Every time you talk about God and how he is using you...its the most exciting thing EVER. It also makes me admire you even more. Look at you...a mother, a wife, a hard-core fitness diva and above it all....a MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD! You are inspiration and if I could somehow send you a HUGE BEAR HUG through technology...well, I would! You are on the right track and I'm hoping to be following right behind your footsteps!! :)

  3. So glad you had such a great and life changing time! And to be able to just jump back into P90X?! You're amazing! I would have been so tired and probably wouldn't have done it. That's why you're one of my inspirations!

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I have to tell you, I'm still on a retreat high and I'm loving it. Hard to focus on what I need to get done around here though!

  5. Hey coach! Glad you're back! Sounds like you had MORE than an AWESOME time!

  6. I am so,so, PROUD of you, wish I could've been there! One day we WILL meet and have some girl time! :)

    p.s. I'm sure you know who Beth Moore is, I went to a couple of her workshops..and she always says she throws up before speaking. You're not alone in that one!