Shoulders & Arms : Ab RipperX

After a day of boys screaming, fighting over toys, making a mess, riding a scooter through the house, not taking naps... I was not in the mood to work out. But, Jeremy came home ready to bring it so I summoned up the energy to join him. It's funny though, before we could even start, Jeremy got a call from yet another person wanting to know about this crazy thing called P90X. It happens everyday!! We can't go anywhere without P90X totally dominating the conversation or we'll get a call at home from someone asking questions wanting information. It's great! So, we were a bit late getting started but that's ok. We knocked out Shoulders & Arms and felt the burn. Ab Ripper was modified by Jeremy who had us throw in Banana Masons in the place of wide leg sit ups. Nice. It was great working out together again. We hadn't been able to for several days. When my friend was here, she and I worked out together and Jeremy flew solo.

Looking forward to lifegroup tomorrow. Jeremy is working on the lesson now and I'm staying up with him offering some support. I think I'm gonna have to bail on him soon though... this chick is tired!

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  1. Way to bring it coach!! I'm flying solo myself tonight...and on one of the workout where I REALLY need her motivation too!!

    Isn't it awesome how P90X not only gets your body in shape, but also has a tendency to bring spouses together???!!! :O)