Day One? Day 91?

Just like Jeremy did on his blog, I want to congratulate our friends Ken & Alana on finishing their first round of P90X!!! They showed true dedication and determination and they are a great example to many out there reading their blog. I hear Ken is also doing an amazing job as a Beachbody coach. Click here to go to his coaches page!

Well, the fast went well. I dropped 3 pounds and I can easily see how someone could drop up to 7 like it says. The drink itself was very smooth and satisfying and while last night I admit eating something "real" sounded good, I didn't. Thanks Jeremy! I would highly recommend this product!

Today we started our next round with "+". I kind of don't want to say day one... it's too depressing to think of it that way... should I say day 91? Anyway, we did Upper Body & Abs Core +. Whoa. It was tough and I wasn't sure if we were gonna make it through the whole thing. We pushed hard even though we were still recovering from our 2 day fast. I don't think we'll be working out that hard after doing another fast. Lesson learned. I have a feeling I'm gonna wake up in the morning a little bit sore. Ok, maybe a lot sore. My arms are pretty stiff right now and my abs are definitely upset at me. Good stuff. Looking forward to pressing on and making more improvements.

I guess that's it for me tonight... I'm so excited to go to church in the morning and celebrate!!


  1. Hey christina,

    I just found this blog of yours and it's so funny because I was thinking of the getting the two day fast. So you do recommend it? I wanted to do it between CLX and P90X since I have an off week. I know they say you can still exercise while drinking it but how was your energy level when doing it?

  2. I really like it and stayed pretty satisfied. I highly recommend it but I don't think I would do any strenuous exercise while doing it. A walk or some stretching is about all I'd do. It was hard going from eating a ton a day to 2 days with hardly anything so I was pretty depleted.

  3. That's what I thought. Thanks and it will be a good two-day rest between programs!