Fast- Day One

First let me say, I posted my fit test results so scroll down if you want to check them out!

This morning I woke up to do my normal morning routine and got Symon off to school. Came home and thought, crud... the fast starts today. Quickly, I shook off those negative feelings and got my heart right for the 2 days ahead. We got the chocolate flavor and I mixed 1 scoop of the powder with 8oz of water. I used the hand blender all the while trying to psych myself up for whatever I was about to taste. Took the first sip and was pleasantly surprised! It actually tasted chocolaty! Took a few more gulps and nice, no grit! This thing is actually smooth! I quickly drank the rest down expecting the worst as I got closer to the bottom but it stayed consistent throughout. Nice. They have really come up with something good here! Now, we'll just see how I react to it... know what I mean? Little bit nervous about that. I am however, looking forward to lunch when I can chug another glassful!

I'm going to take advantage of this and make it a spiritual fast as well. I need to press in and get intimate with Him about several things. When I've done a spiritual fast before, I never got hungry... I don't even fear that this time around. I'm just so pumped that using my new found excitement about my health can ultimately further my walk. Can't ask for more than that!!

Stay tuned for updates... :)

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