I did it... I completed Insanity! Ok, so it's been a few weeks but I did do it :) Insanity, in my opinion, is revolutionary. It is a workout that takes the average person, whether they're in shape or not, and takes them to a level never thought possible. Especially when you're doing it in you own home. This is the kind of program you would expect pro or Olympic athletes to go through. It's challenging but totally validating. I LOVED it.

As the pic to above says, TO DISCOVER WHAT'S POSSIBLE WITH YOUR BODY, YOU MUST FIRST CONQUER YOUR MIND. I can't even begin to tell you how true that is. There are so many times I would see the exercise I was about to do and I thought "no way!" but, once I got that thought out of my head and went for it, I would accomplish what I set out to do. Mental strength is key and your body is capable of so much when you first decide and commit to doing it.

The week before I finished the program, I ran a 7k for a fundraiser here in town. I hadn't trained or ran in months and I went out there and ran the entire time and could have kept going! It was all due to the work I had just put in. Now, I'm not the best or fastest runner by any stretch of the imagination but I finished strong and that's all that matters.
If you are considering a program that will test you mentally and physically, Insanity is it. I wouldn't recommend it to those who are just beginning a work out regimen though. Many of the moves are not easily modified.

So, what's next? I'm going to be running and training for a half marathon in September (I think). I am also gonna get in another round of Insanity and then on to Turbo Fire!