Day 87... The countdown is ON

Kenpo was on the menu tonight and we actually got through it with limited interruptions. Jeremy about punched me in the face cuz he was jackin' around but that's another story. Feeling good and strong but am suffering from some serious hunger issues again. I have been starving all the time!! Gotta get a handle on that and figure out what I'm doing/not doing. Anyway...

Ok, I have to preface the rest with this... Those who know me know that I'm not a big complainer or griper, I don't rant, go off on people or anything like that. BUT, I have an issue that I think is safe to bring up here. I think I'll find more people that understand and can offer me some constructive advice if you think it's needed. I've been having a hard time handling people who think I'm JUST losing weight. For example, when I went home to Oklahoma on Spring break, one thing I heard was, "You need to quit sticking your finger down your throat!". Why??? Why say that? I said I'm getting healthy, not just losing weight and I'm working really hard. Another example is I posted on FB today that I'm almost finished with this round of P90x and am really excited or something like that, and I get a comment "so are you gonna start eating now?" Ugh. A few weeks ago someone came up to me and said "You're so lucky, the weight just seems to fall off you so easily." EASILY??? My ASHTANGA!! I politely said "Please don't take my hard work away from me!" And I think that's exactly it. When I hear comments like those, and there have been more, I just feel deflated. (Oh, I also posted some pics on my FB of Jeremy and the boys in the snow and someone even commented on how he looks so different and needs to eat! Ack!) My feelings get hurt because here I am working my rear end off trying to be healthy and fit... but I know I shouldn't let those comments get to me. Then why, why, why do they??? I am not a petty person but geesh I feel socked in the stomach. So, any wisdom you can throw my way would be much appreciated!! Believe me, I'm not wasting away. I'm 5'7 in a size 6 and some 4's depending on the style. I think that's healthy looking! I don't get it.

This won't get me down... there have been a lot more positives than negatives and I'm happy with my results so... oh well!


  1. Alana and I are getting the same thing from our "best friends". We have some pretty 'sloped' shoulders (figure of speech), but they keep saying, "yeah, lets see what you look like a year from now", or, "we'll see how long you guys can keep this up"...VERY frustrating to hear, but we support "each other", and are happy with "each other", and will continue to do this "together"...doesn't make it any less frustrating hearing these things, but you see where I'm going with this?

    Wish I had a good piece of Scripture to give you, but I'm just not good at that! :O(

    Hang in there coach!!!

  2. Hi Christina,

    Just found your blog! Congrats on all your hard work! This is a hard program and you are almost to the end -- be proud!

    And this post is so true.

    I'm on my 2nd rd of P90X and my wife is on her 1st rd and we have had similar experiences with friends and had the same conversation as you and your husband about them! She started eating clean and living healthy about 9 months ago. We have both lost a ton of weight and most of our friends and family have been supportive and excited for us. However, your post was spot on about a select few. My wife was getting angry just like you with one of her good friends telling people she had an "eating problem". She was frustrated because she worked hard and earned every single pound of her weight loss and this friend wouldn't acknowlegde this, even though my wife looks extremely healthy!

    So, we have come to realize that these perceived negative comments are basically defense mechanisms for these peoples own shortfalls in life with exercising and diets. Because to admit to themselves you did it the right way when they are unable to makes some people feel like failures since you now look better than they do!

    With your results I am sure the positive people in your life significantly outweight (pun intended) the negative ones so focus on them. But don't forget the negative people because they are the ones who more than likely could use your help!

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Jeff beat me to the punch here. I was about to tell you the same thing. Those people who are critical are the same people wh oare secretly unhappy with their lifestyle or their fitness level, etc. They want you to look bad because they feel like they look bad. Just stay positive and remember that it's your decision to get fit and be happy! Tony has it right- "Do your best and forget the rest!"

  4. I have to agree with the general consensus of other responses. I know it's incredibly frustrating to listen to other people criticize, but all you can do is take it with a grain of salt. What's important is that you know how much you've accomplished and that you have a very supportive system in your home. And remember how inspirational your story is to others. That's worth more than its weight in gold.

  5. And we wonder why our country is so OBESE!!! People take it as the "norm"...Thanks to all and I concur. Its a defense mechanism for laziness and a reaching out, hopefully, for help! Beachbody nees to make little 5-10 minute cheap DVD's to hand people when they say crap and then you can just say, "Here's an example of what I'm doing. Call me after you watch it."

    Christina you look amazing!!! I'm soooo proud of you! And thanks for not smacking me during my fun during Kenpo! HAHA!!

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  7. I knew I could count on ya'll to understand where I was coming from! The uplifting comments far outweigh the hurtful and I know I'm getting my results "the right way". I'm totally not looking for compliments all the time but when someone is just plain sarcastic about the changes I've made, well, it stings a little and I just don't understand it. Thanks so much for the encouraging words!

  8. Can I just say your blog looks AMAZING!! Welcome to the club Christina-you are an official, awesome, COACH!! Know that you and Jeremy are always in my prayers for your successes.

    BTW-you will ROCK the's hard but a great respite from the X. You'll love it!

  9. OMGosh, I cannot believe anyone would say crap like that to you, I just read your post thoroghly, and literally makes my blood boil. Just like Jeremy said, no wonder most of our country is obese, and honey, you WORKED for your body, it is NOT easy by any means, so anyone that tells you that, just burn them a copy of the PLYO Dvd and mail it to them. See what they say then!

  10. Christina...I couldn't have said it better myself. (your post or these comments) I have DEFINITELY been plagued with hateful, hurtful comments like the ones you described in your post. And..what's more...mostly they came from my closest family and friends!! It is frustrating because like you said...the weight does NOT just fall off. I have to work EVERY SINGLE DAY on this lifestyle.
    But like your commenters on here said....YOU know what you're doing is right and healthy...and that is really all that matters. (SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE-I know) Anyway, you are a STRONG and AMAZING woman. I hope you can come up with a "come back" for these comments that is gentle and loving but at the same time makes a point about how hard you're working. When you figure it out (what to say), let me know! :o)
    Love ya girl! And POST THOSE PICS!!! :o)