Day 86

Core. Oh yes. Core. I forgot how tough it was and was quickly reminded!! Right before we started I just wasn't in the mood and I told Jeremy "I think I have short-itus". It's like when you give your 2 weeks notice at work and the last few days you don't want to do ANYTHING. That's what I'm diagnosing myself as having right now. I finally mustered up enough will power to get started and then I was home free. Glad we only have a few more days left because my mental strength is waning.

The workout was going along as usual and then Jeremy got a wicked cramp in his neck. OUCH! I had to stop and massage it out for him. Luckily, he didn't suffer any long term tweaking because there's nothing worse than a pulled muscle in your neck. It leaves you immobilized forever! Anyway, we had several interruptions from our oh so pleasant boys but finally got through it.

Went to church today and it was awesome as usual and then out to lunch with some dear friends. Watched a little basketball and cried as OU got spanked. Ugh. Jeremy did his magic on the grill and rocked out some oh so yummy grilled chicken and asparagus and I steamed some brown rice. Nice.

Looking forward to this week like no other since we'll be finishing up this crazy ride we've been on now for 86 days. Excited to move on and tone up some more before the dreaded swimsuit season!!!


  1. "Short-itus". Hmmmmm. Maybe THAT'S what I have! I've been feeling the same way! :O)

  2. Hi Christina! I just now noticed you had left me a comment the other day~thank you so very much for your positive words!! They really did help me out today~ I was just sitting here dreading doing back and biceps tonight, then I read your comment and post and said to myself...I CAN do this!!!
    Good luck to you and congrats on being almost finished! That is amazing and you should be very proud of yourself!!

  3. Christina, I think I tucker out at the end of EVERYTHING. It's always that last 5 minutes that I am looking at the clock wanting to quit early or the last few days of something that I am just not into it anymore. Hang in there're ALMOST done and I can't wait to see your after pics. You are posting those, right? :o)