Day 84

KenpoX... my fav. I almost gave up even doing it at all because my youngest son, Tommy, was well, how should I put this, NOT making it to the potty. Ugh!! THEN, when I got him in the tub to wash him up, I went back to the bedroom so he could soak a bit and he did it AGAIN in the tub!!!!! I wanted to pull my hair out. Needless to say, the boy was in trouble and he had to go straight to bed. No Rock Band for him!!

Anyway, Kenpo was good once I got going. I kept telling Jeremy to do it without me and I'd do it later but he wouldn't hear of it. It ended up being really nice to take out my frustrations with all those kicks and punches!

That's pretty much it. We enjoyed the rest of the evening by the fire and watched a little TV. We're so exciting. :)

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  1. Hey, I'm right there with ya. Finally sitting down and cuddling up with my hubby and watching tv is the highlight of my days! ha ha
    KenpoX is your fave huh? I just can't get into throwing punches in the air. I guess it's probably because I do kickboxing at the gym where we actually hit the bag and kick the bag. You can throw SO MUCH more of your weight into it that way. It's hard to "hold back" when I do KenpoX. Anyway, glad you were able to overcome the poo-poo situation. I had to put my 4 yr old in the shower first thing this morning because he had fallen asleep last night with the doo-doo in his pants. NASTY! I keep thinking SURELY he's outgrown this..he's almost 5 for crying out loud...but every once in a while, he still refuses to get to the toilet in time. Grrrr....