Ok everyone... I'm baaaack! I finally finished up some things that were top priority for me so now I can start my blog again and not rely solely on Jeremy to keep ya'll informed how P90X is going. We have had an amazing time these past 83 days working hard and getting healthy. I remember starting day one full of excitement and anticipation of what the next weeks would bring. Each milestone we hit made us hungry for more because the results we were getting were so worth the effort. There has hardly been a time we've gone out that someone wasn't asking what we had been doing because the way we looked had drastically changed. We talk about P90X like 90% of the time when we're out... no matter where we go. And it's not even us bringing it up!! This program has been life changing and we are going to continue on after these 90 days and keep making improvements. We're sooooo pumped!

As most of you have seen on Jeremy's blog, we decided to become Beachbody coaches (thanks Demi!) because, like I said earlier, we are talking about it ALL the time. Why not try to capitalize on our time? We'll give it a shot and hopefully make something of it and if the Lord leads us in another direction, then by all means we'll follow that path.

Ok so the end of this round is in sight and I just can't believe it. We are actually gonna see this thing through and the amazing part to me is that we've done it together. I think we only missed doing a couple of workouts together when Jeremy had to go out of town on business and that was it. We didn't skip the workouts mind you. Jeremy was a trooper and did them in his dinky hotel room and I did them at home begrudgingly without him. I started this thing not really know what to expect with him as my workout buddy but I am soooooo glad his is!! He is an awesome husband, father, and friend to me... not just a good friend to others but to me and that is something that was strengthened in our marriage during all of this. We have done so many things together and for each other... laughed, sweat, grunted, complained about soreness, encouraged, bragged (on each other), and so on and so on. It's been amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and now we get to continue on... fantastic.

I was talking to a friend of mine (she's on day 5) the other night at church, and she was so optimistic about it just because she saw the results I had gotten and also the results of my dear friend Amber who is just a couple weeks behind me. I got to give her advice and she was soaking it in. She's so excited to change her life and I remember feeling that same way. But the important thing is... I STILL feel that way! I'm so excited about what the future has in store for me and Jeremy. God has done mighty things on the inside of us and I'm just doing this small thing for myself on the outside but it all goes hand in hand. This isn't something that will overtake our lives and eclipse the love we have for serving, but I think it will just add to the list of things we have to offer others and bring them closer to the Lord.

Yes, I've rambled on forever... I didn't realize how much I missed blogging! Thanks for reading if you've made it this far and I'll be updating regularly again!

Be blessed!


  1. Hey coach! Glad you're back...and "yup", I made through all the rambling! (kidding!!!)...

  2. Hey glad to see you came back to blogging. You are such an inspiration to me...physically and spiritually! I've been trying to get on the coaching bandwagon myself...but haven't felt a total peace about it yet. I also talk about P90X almost constantly as people are ALWAYS asking about I wear my P90X tanktop to the gym so I get LOTS of questions there. I should have become a coach a long time ago before all of my friends decided to buy it! ha ha
    Anyway, congrats on the new adventure of coaching and almost being done with your FIRST round of the X!