A Little Taste of Everything

After a few days of travelling and being overwhelmed by 3 boys, I needed to work out some frustrations... I accomplished that last night with a P90X sweatfest. We started off Branson style with Interval X. We only did half because we wanted to get in a little Chest & Back. We did just that and pushed through half of that workout. Then to top it all off, we rocked out Ab Ripper X. Nice. I noticed that Jeremy showed improvement on the wide leg situps. He always had trouble going straight up with his arm... emphasis on had. His arm is shooting straight up and I'm so proud of him!! You're doing great Jeremy!

I do have to say, I did not fuel my body enough yesterday. We've been behind on our grocery shopping duties so we've just made due with what we have in house. Not enough food! Fuel your bodies people! We both bonked big time and even though we made it through, we could have done a lot better and burned more calories if we had eaten more through the day. It is so important to eat enough good, whole foods throughout the day so that your body has enough energy to maximize results from your workout. Anyway, just thought we'd let ya'll learn from our mistake!! We aren't perfect by far as you can see, and we can all keep improving!

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  1. I told Jeremy to lay off of the chocolate covered pizza, beer, and Doritos!! You're welcome coach! :O)