I just had to post this real quick for ya'll... This is an email from a lady Jeremy and I coach- it's AMAZING!!

Hi Guys! Another day in "X" Ville!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting ready for CORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!
OK, you two already know how great P90X is and I certainly don't have to tell you about the change it makes in people's lives...however, I do want to tell you something that has happened to me and my husband personally. I don't know if this is something you already know about the program, but it is HUGE for us!
My 47 year old husband has been on Metformin for Diabetes for several years and has been told to add Actos to the Metformin (another blasted pill everyday). This medication is the last thing you get before you have to start the daily shots. At that point, you start losing toenails and toes, feet, ankles and so on if you don't control your diet and get plenty of exercise. Shawn has already noticed decreased eyesight and he was tired all the time. With medication, he still had blood sugar levels in the low to mid 200 range and some spikes to over 400 EVEN WITH THE MEDS!!! I want to tell you an amazing thing...(yes I am tearing up)...after just three weeks of the nutrition and workout on the P90X, his blood sugar has dropped over 100 points and has been consistently in the normal to just a little above normal level. Ok, now the tears are going down my face.......Girl! This is my husband's life we are talking about! What can I say?
Anyway, I know there are success stories by the hundreds on the website and THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT!!! But my husband is not a website...he is real...he is a person...and this program is helping us save his life!!! I thank Jesus everyday for you and Jeremy and P90X and girl, I will continue to send people your way so you can coach them along and get them back amongst the living!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!



  1. That's so awesome to hear something like this! I truly believe in the science and research that has gone into all the beachbody products.

    Give Theo my warmest congrats!

  2. That is truly awesome. I knew I picked a great coach! :O)