Getting Behind!

I'm slacking on this blog BIG TIME! That isn't like me at all! I guess I've been a bit preoccupied with other things but I have been here working hard like always. Let's see, I've gotten in some good workouts from Hip Hop Abs Cardio to Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps. Wide range I know but that's ok. Today I'm gonna hit One on One Plyo. I'm so excited about that because my legs have been in major pain for several days. I over trained and was beyond sore for a long time. Lesson learned.

It's crazy, but lately the biggest topic in our household has been about nutrition. People call, email us and yes, today their are some ladies coming over to talk about it. It's the number one question, by far, we get on a daily basis and that's no lie. Check out Jeremy's blog to read further about that.

I guess I don't have that much more to report. Oh- I took new pics yesterday and will maybe be posting those in the next few days. I'm loving the improvements I've made in the last few weeks and it just motivates me more to continue to push play!

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  1. Hey C,
    We understand being busy! (me especially! :o)
    I love the way you're "mixing it up" with your work outs. I wish I had the variety. I will...little by little.
    I saw Yoga Booty Ballet for sale at TARGET the other day? Wow!! I didn't know you can buy Beachbody products at the store..!!?? crazy.