Interval X Plus and so Much More

Love this workout! You jump, squat, lunge, run... and everything in between. It's awesome! I wore my trusty weighted gloves again and my arms were on fire! I told Jeremy I felt like I had lost 5lbs when we were finished. Good stuff.

We got our workout in during lunch because we had a hot date last night! We went to see REO Speedwagon and Styx in concert. I'm totally suffering from a time warp hangover!! The music was good and Styx really puts on a good show but the best part by FAR was the people watching! What are people thinking??? I swear I've never seen so many people stuck in the 70s thinking they're still the cool kid like on Dazed and Confused. The mullet spotting was unbelievable but there was one good mullet feel good story. A guy like 2 rows up and across from us had THE BEST MULLET EVER and was dancing like there was no tomorrow. He was probably in his early 50s or so and was rockin'. He had (I think) his kids with him and his hot (not really) little momma by his side. Next thing I knew the guy went from jammin' on the floor to rockin' on stage when both bands came out to sing together!! He danced like a maniac and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! It was the best! Ya'll will get to see what we saw cuz we have pictures! I got really lucky when the drunk guy next to us didn't throw up and his wife took him home early. I kept praying the huge beer belly, sweat soaked, screamer wouldn't die of a heart attack from jumping up and down the entire concert. I was sweatin' it when the grandma in front of us got on her chair and started dancing after pounding beer and tons of "little bottles" from her purse. I just knew she was gonna fall and break a hip. I could go on forever... HILARIOUS! Oh, I can't forget about the chick who had to make sure and flash both bands... her grandkids must be so proud.

I'm sure ya'll wanted to know all that but I was kinda out of blog material so you get what you get!


  1. Oh yeah...The mullet camera was in full force. STYX had an awesome show....They didn't sing a lot of awesome songs, but it was still good!

  2. That is ha-larious!! I LOVE styx!! What a great show, on stage and off it must have been! lol