A Note to all My Athletes...

Yes, I said it... ATHLETES. I'm following the lead of one of my upline coaches, John. He also posted about not being able to contact some of the people he coaches because they are listed as restricted because they've marked not to be contacted.

So... I'm directing this post to all the athletes I'm assigned to. If I haven't contacted you it's because you're listed as restricted which means I have your name but no contact information. You'll have to be the one to contact me first so if you have any questions at all, please email me. I'd love to help you out and encourage you while you're on this exciting journey! The support I have gotten from my coach and from all the other "Xers" out here has been crucial. When I'm down, I get lifted up, when I have questions, I get answers. I don't feel like I'm floundering by myself... ever.

Now, if I have contacted you in the past, please know this coaching thing is for real. I really do want to hear how you're doing and if you have any questions or issues. What you see is what you get with me... a real person who cares about you and your fitness success.

I also want to say I'm trying to workout with as many Beachbody programs as I can right now to familiarize myself with what they offer. So, if you see on this blog that I'm a P90X girl, don't let that stop you from contacting me. I just may have done the program you're on and could be of some help! Regardless of what you're doing, keep it up and I'm sure with it and a healthy nutrition plan, you'll find great success!

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  1. My motivation level has increased 100% just in the last 1/2 hour or so, from reading all of our 'gangs' blogs!! I have to second EVERYTHING you said above! Thanks for keeping up the motivation coach!