Doubled up today!

I'm trying to catch up with Jeremy so we can be on the same schedule again so I knocked out Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps this afternoon and then this evening we crushed some Interval X Plus. Now, my arms are noodles and the rest of me is still thumpin' from all the cardio craziness. Oh, drum roll please, I finally did a clap push up on my toes!!! A lot of you chicks out there may have already been able to do that, but it's been one of those tough moves for me. So, I'm officially patting myself on the back and taking that small victory :o) !! Yay me! Alright, enough of that.

For the next couple of weeks (at least, maybe longer) I'm going to be doing cardio and strength training each day. I just want to go a little further in pushing myself and we'll see how I do. I'll probably throw in some different Beachbody workouts here and there so I can talk about them to people and actually know what some of the different workouts are like. Did that make sense? I think my brain is on overload too.

I posted earlier today about a woman and her husband that we coach... if you haven't read it, then scroll on down! It's awesome!

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  1. YAY for doing a clap pushup! It took me FOREVER to finally be able to do those! they are hard! Now to get airborne on those things like

    I read the story-amazing! "Changing lives around this great planet of ours.." -TH