What a LOOONG Weekend!

Were you wondering if I was every going to post again?! Well, here I am and I'm trying to think what all I need to catch you up on. We had a great weekend and I can't believe it's already over. We took kind of a breather with the workouts, well, I did I guess. I ran on Saturday and went 2 miles before I just got too bored to go on. It was nice to realize that I could have probably went a couple of more miles though without even thinking about it. I'm so glad to have P90X because running just isn't my thing. It's soooo incredibly mind numbing (to me) and is really hard on my knees. Now, I know there are a ton of you who LOVE it and I am really so glad for you. I WISH I did but it just isn't the case. If you have any suggestions on how I could like it more, feel free to pass them along to me! Anyway, on Sunday we left right after church and drove 3 hours to visit some friends who are in their first week of P90X. They had a ton of nutrition questions for us and since we're their coaches, we thought we'd just go see them in person. We had a great time and in fact cooked (Jeremy did) for them to show them how a nutritious meal could be oh so good and satisfying. Jeremy whipped up his famous Salmon Santa Fe with grilled veggies (asparagus, onions, & squash) and brown rice. They really liked it and so did their kiddos! They are such a precious family and we're so glad we went to see them. So, K & J, if you're reading this... thank you for having us over and we love you guys!!

Yesterday, we had some friends over and in between getting the house clean, getting groceries, and cooking, time just got away from us. We had great intentions of getting a workout in, but it just didn't happen and we ate WAAAY too much to do it after everyone left. We'll just chalk it up to a bad (good) holiday weekend and start fresh today. Life is life and just because things come up, doesn't mean we change back into the old person with all those bad unhealthy habits! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to buckle down again like we are and bring it hard this week!


  1. Alana and I are right there with ya coach!! I don't doubt that the two of you will be bringing it harder than ever this week! :O)

  2. The beauty of these programs is that they give plenty of "legroom" for life! It's great, and I love that about it. That is so awesome you drove and cooked for your clients! You 2 are amazing coaches, and I am so blessed to have you guys on this team!! :)