Hip Hop Abs... yes, you read it correctly

Hello there X fam! In an effort to familiarize myself with all things Beachbody, I just rocked out Hip Hop Abs Cardio Burn. As you can imagine, it's totally opposite from anything Mr. Horton would put out, but to me, it was refreshing. It was fun, I worked up a sweat, and I got to get my groove on! Ha! I don't think I would rank it up there with Ab Ripper X or Abs Core + in difficulty but that's ok. You definitely feel your core working and it gives you a good cardio workout. Looking forward to trying the rest of the Hip Hop Abs workouts! I would highly recommend this workout to mix things up in your routines or to those looking for something to start out with.

Ok... now I want to talk a bit about the X. If you are in your off season of whatever sport you play or if your High School (or Jr High) athlete is looking for something to keep in shape with over the summer... consider doing P90X. The whole time Jeremy and I were going through the program we kept saying "if only we had this in high school!!" The summer would be the perfect time to go through it and then when you get back to your sport, you'll be shocked at your improvements. This would also be a great graduation gift for a senior trying to avoid the freshman 15 when they get into college. Just some ideas for ya'll!!

Looking forward to working hard this week... hope ya'll are too!!


  1. Ooooh, thanks for posting this, always wondered how that workout was. And great idea as far as gifts go!

  2. Okay you talked me into it. I have had the Hip Hop Since buying the Showcase pack in 2008, but always knew the "dance" Workouts were not the "X". I have wanted to give it a try as I did with Turbo Jam. I can say that I like to dance, but thinking and Dancing different story. "Is that my right hand that is to be doing that ... No it is my left, ahhh now I am using the wrong foot. Breathe and go with it , right?
    I agree about the pre-training and post traingin aspects of "X" and any sport that you are involved in, heck even the sport of raising small kids.
    B.T.W. - thanks for all the comments to my blog, you are so ON IT.

  3. Nice coach! Way to mix things up!! No wonder Jeremy has fallen behind in his post! He probably Hip-hopped his hiney off! :O)

    Me, I have NO rythm (sp?) so that workout wouldn't be an option for me!

  4. Yes..I hav always wondered about hip hop abs myself. I LOVE doing Zumba so I thought I would probably like it. Too bad we don't live next to each other and I'd borrow it from you! he he
    Thanks for the review though!