Day 87... The countdown is ON

Kenpo was on the menu tonight and we actually got through it with limited interruptions. Jeremy about punched me in the face cuz he was jackin' around but that's another story. Feeling good and strong but am suffering from some serious hunger issues again. I have been starving all the time!! Gotta get a handle on that and figure out what I'm doing/not doing. Anyway...

Ok, I have to preface the rest with this... Those who know me know that I'm not a big complainer or griper, I don't rant, go off on people or anything like that. BUT, I have an issue that I think is safe to bring up here. I think I'll find more people that understand and can offer me some constructive advice if you think it's needed. I've been having a hard time handling people who think I'm JUST losing weight. For example, when I went home to Oklahoma on Spring break, one thing I heard was, "You need to quit sticking your finger down your throat!". Why??? Why say that? I said I'm getting healthy, not just losing weight and I'm working really hard. Another example is I posted on FB today that I'm almost finished with this round of P90x and am really excited or something like that, and I get a comment "so are you gonna start eating now?" Ugh. A few weeks ago someone came up to me and said "You're so lucky, the weight just seems to fall off you so easily." EASILY??? My ASHTANGA!! I politely said "Please don't take my hard work away from me!" And I think that's exactly it. When I hear comments like those, and there have been more, I just feel deflated. (Oh, I also posted some pics on my FB of Jeremy and the boys in the snow and someone even commented on how he looks so different and needs to eat! Ack!) My feelings get hurt because here I am working my rear end off trying to be healthy and fit... but I know I shouldn't let those comments get to me. Then why, why, why do they??? I am not a petty person but geesh I feel socked in the stomach. So, any wisdom you can throw my way would be much appreciated!! Believe me, I'm not wasting away. I'm 5'7 in a size 6 and some 4's depending on the style. I think that's healthy looking! I don't get it.

This won't get me down... there have been a lot more positives than negatives and I'm happy with my results so... oh well!

Day 86

Core. Oh yes. Core. I forgot how tough it was and was quickly reminded!! Right before we started I just wasn't in the mood and I told Jeremy "I think I have short-itus". It's like when you give your 2 weeks notice at work and the last few days you don't want to do ANYTHING. That's what I'm diagnosing myself as having right now. I finally mustered up enough will power to get started and then I was home free. Glad we only have a few more days left because my mental strength is waning.

The workout was going along as usual and then Jeremy got a wicked cramp in his neck. OUCH! I had to stop and massage it out for him. Luckily, he didn't suffer any long term tweaking because there's nothing worse than a pulled muscle in your neck. It leaves you immobilized forever! Anyway, we had several interruptions from our oh so pleasant boys but finally got through it.

Went to church today and it was awesome as usual and then out to lunch with some dear friends. Watched a little basketball and cried as OU got spanked. Ugh. Jeremy did his magic on the grill and rocked out some oh so yummy grilled chicken and asparagus and I steamed some brown rice. Nice.

Looking forward to this week like no other since we'll be finishing up this crazy ride we've been on now for 86 days. Excited to move on and tone up some more before the dreaded swimsuit season!!!

Day 85

My ashtanga Yoga is hard! We took a little detour from Yoga these past few weeks but we did it last night and I was surprised to find improvement! My balance is horrible but I was able to hold moves longer and go deeper. It felt sooooo good.

Yesterday we started our last recovery week! I can't believe it! The countdown is ON! If Jeremy and I could make it 90 days, anyone can, I truly believe that. We have all the excuses most people have, kids, work, church, activities, etc. and we have done it. So, it can be done. The only thing is that while Jeremy did get sick there for a few days, we really didn't suffer a bad winter with illness. Our boys have only had the sniffles here and there so we are very blessed in that regard. I know a lot of you out there have had to deal with illness during P90X and that is one obstacle you just can't get around.

Looking forward to the snow melting and Spring finally settling in. We had a wonderful day yesterday playing and well, getting stuck on some county road in a huge snowdrift. Thanks Jeremy. The boys thought it was some big adventure and I was well, let's just say, not happy. I was clearly outnumbered though by boys who thought it was the coolest thing to have a huge tractor clearing roads have to pull us out. Oh well.

I guess that's it... gotta get ready for church and Core Syn later! Have a great day everyone!

Day 84

KenpoX... my fav. I almost gave up even doing it at all because my youngest son, Tommy, was well, how should I put this, NOT making it to the potty. Ugh!! THEN, when I got him in the tub to wash him up, I went back to the bedroom so he could soak a bit and he did it AGAIN in the tub!!!!! I wanted to pull my hair out. Needless to say, the boy was in trouble and he had to go straight to bed. No Rock Band for him!!

Anyway, Kenpo was good once I got going. I kept telling Jeremy to do it without me and I'd do it later but he wouldn't hear of it. It ended up being really nice to take out my frustrations with all those kicks and punches!

That's pretty much it. We enjoyed the rest of the evening by the fire and watched a little TV. We're so exciting. :)


Ok everyone... I'm baaaack! I finally finished up some things that were top priority for me so now I can start my blog again and not rely solely on Jeremy to keep ya'll informed how P90X is going. We have had an amazing time these past 83 days working hard and getting healthy. I remember starting day one full of excitement and anticipation of what the next weeks would bring. Each milestone we hit made us hungry for more because the results we were getting were so worth the effort. There has hardly been a time we've gone out that someone wasn't asking what we had been doing because the way we looked had drastically changed. We talk about P90X like 90% of the time when we're out... no matter where we go. And it's not even us bringing it up!! This program has been life changing and we are going to continue on after these 90 days and keep making improvements. We're sooooo pumped!

As most of you have seen on Jeremy's blog, we decided to become Beachbody coaches (thanks Demi!) because, like I said earlier, we are talking about it ALL the time. Why not try to capitalize on our time? We'll give it a shot and hopefully make something of it and if the Lord leads us in another direction, then by all means we'll follow that path.

Ok so the end of this round is in sight and I just can't believe it. We are actually gonna see this thing through and the amazing part to me is that we've done it together. I think we only missed doing a couple of workouts together when Jeremy had to go out of town on business and that was it. We didn't skip the workouts mind you. Jeremy was a trooper and did them in his dinky hotel room and I did them at home begrudgingly without him. I started this thing not really know what to expect with him as my workout buddy but I am soooooo glad his is!! He is an awesome husband, father, and friend to me... not just a good friend to others but to me and that is something that was strengthened in our marriage during all of this. We have done so many things together and for each other... laughed, sweat, grunted, complained about soreness, encouraged, bragged (on each other), and so on and so on. It's been amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and now we get to continue on... fantastic.

I was talking to a friend of mine (she's on day 5) the other night at church, and she was so optimistic about it just because she saw the results I had gotten and also the results of my dear friend Amber who is just a couple weeks behind me. I got to give her advice and she was soaking it in. She's so excited to change her life and I remember feeling that same way. But the important thing is... I STILL feel that way! I'm so excited about what the future has in store for me and Jeremy. God has done mighty things on the inside of us and I'm just doing this small thing for myself on the outside but it all goes hand in hand. This isn't something that will overtake our lives and eclipse the love we have for serving, but I think it will just add to the list of things we have to offer others and bring them closer to the Lord.

Yes, I've rambled on forever... I didn't realize how much I missed blogging! Thanks for reading if you've made it this far and I'll be updating regularly again!

Be blessed!