First 2010 Blog!

Where does the time go??? I can't believe how I used to update this blog every single day and now I'm am dragging!!! So sorry *embarrassed*

Well, I've started yet another round of P90X and am on day 9. Classic version of course and I'm excited to see the results at the end. I have a friend doing it with me this time because my regular workout partner, my husband Jeremy, just had shoulder surgery and will be out for several months. He can start biking on his trainer so he's excited about that but bummed that he can't do much else. Thankfully, his recovery is going really well because he was fit and flexible thanks to P90X. Check out his blog when you get a chance!

I think this year will be an exciting one for me fitness-wise. I've set a goal of completing a sprint triathlon and a half marathon this year. For me, setting goals is crucial. I like to try and accomplish something to give me motivation if that makes any sense. Some people like working out just for the sake of working out and they really, really enjoy it. I WISH I was one of those people. I do like working out and the benefits from it but it's not something that I just thoroughly enjoy. I think there are a lot of us out there like that and I'm not ashamed to feel that way. I absolutely LOVE the energy it gives me when I work out and eat right so I'm going to stick with it! Do any of you have any major fitness goals this year?

To try and stick with my daily posts, I'll hopefully post again after my workout which is the fabulous Plyometrics. I hope y'all have a fantastic day and don't forget to push play!

Oh, I also want to give out to my awesome friend Demi Bean who made the latest P90X infomercial!! Way to go Demi.... love you girlie!!


  1. Hey C! A blog post from you! Hooray!
    Sorry it took me so long to get over here!
    I feel like it's been forever since we've "talked". Who're ya doing P90X with this time? A newbie or someone who's doing it again too?
    I hope you stay strong and complete it! It's HARD doing it me anyway. I've tried FOUR times to do it again and only actually completeled it again once.
    Did you ever do and finish Insanity? I never have done it all the way either. I want to though and now that I'm done teachign classes at the gym (at least for a little while) maybe I'll be able to do it the whole 60 days.
    Keep in Touch!!

  2. Thanks Christina!!! Haven't been keeping up with blogging lately, working on that!! Love ya!

  3. You quit on us didn't you?????????????

  4. How are you doing nowadays? Did you get back into the workouts? I need to start blogging on my blog more as well ( )