Cardio Power & Resistance

Holy Muscles Batman... I AM SORE!! Not only that but sore in places I never knew existed! Thank you Insanity... thank you muscle confusion! I tell people who are just starting P90X not to let their soreness stop them. So, I took my own advice and pushed play. As soon as I warmed up, my legs felt better and I was able to hit it hard.

Cardio Power & Resistance is a heart thumping good time. Jumping, pushups, hurdles, globes and more is what is waiting for you. I burned over 500 calories in 40 minutes and boy did those minutes fly by! You are movin' groovin' so hard with tiny little breaks and before you know it your doing your stretch and cool down.

I found out I for sure need to get some new shoes. My feet are killing me when I work out and I know I'm just not getting enough support or the slope of my shoe is wrong. I'll go shopping this weekend and try to find something that will get me in the pain free zone.

If you have finished P90X I highly recommend this program. It's such a good change and you still get that validated as an athlete feeling. I'm gonna take the advice of others and throw in some arm workouts, somewhere along the way, to keep up my strength and tone. But so far so good! I love this program!!

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  1. Get cross-trainer shoes. I had alot of problems in the beginning with arch pain, cross trainers are best for that. Wait until you get to the second month girl! I couldn't even get through the warm up without a break! And it's friggin 55 minute workouts, ay! I hope I get better at them, just started! Looks like you are kicking butt! :) love it!