Well, I haven't kept up with this blog through the summer like I was hoping I would but here are some pics so you can see what we've been up to. We've done some camping, jeeping, swimming, and Jeremy and I teamed up in a mini-triathlon. We're also still leading our LifeGroup and are gearing up for some awesome things in the fall. God is so good!! We've had a great summer so far and we still have a few weeks to go. Some friends of ours were here this past weekend and more company is coming this weekend. I guess I'll still have a bit of trouble posting regularly for a while. We've still been working out hard and if you're new to my blog, please feel free to read previous posts and ask any questions that might be burning on your mind. Jeremy and I have had a wonderful time being Beachbody coaches so far and we love hearing about everyone's success. Please find me on Facebook... I'm usually there more often. You can get my email address there or on my Beachbody site if you need to get in contact with me. I hope you all have a great rest of the summer and keep pushing play!!


  1. Your family is just as beautiful as you are!!! You are truly blessed, girlie!

  2. Okay...I know I already told you this on FB...but that pic of you in the hat is just HOT! (is that wrong for me to say? ha ha) You look GORGEOUS! J is one lucky man!!
    Then my draw totally dropped when I saw the Jeep up on that big tree! WHAT in the world? That looks totally exhilirating and fun! Though I don't see HOW you got the tire up there....!?
    The triathilon--what can I say? My heart swells with pride for you 2. WHAT an inspiration! Just half a year ago or so you probably could have never imagined doing something like that! I think people underestimate the changes they undergo INSIDE after completing an extreme program like P90X or Insanity. A key unlocks the door to a place inside you didn't even know was there or had forgotten about. This--I CAN DO ANYTHING NOW--kind of attitude!
    Congratulations on all your amazing successes! I am so blessed to call you friend!

  3. ha ha ha ha oh my goodness! I just re-read my comment and I canNOT believe I said my "draw" dropped!!! I seriously am NOT that much of an air-head...I just type/think too dang fast! I meant to say JAW! ha ha ha

  4. Resa: Thank you so much and yes, I'm very blessed to have the family I have. :o)

    Jen: You are so sweet. That pic of me and Jeremy was taken after we went to a place called Camp Alphie. It's for children with cancer & their siblings. A camp just for them where they get to forget about the cancer for a week and their parents get to do something normal for their children. Jeremy's Jeep club has a night where they go and give Jeep rides through the canyon to all the campers. It's such a special night for all involved.

    The Jeep pic up on the tree is when we went camping in Red River, NM. Jeremy does way crazier stuff with his Jeep so that was nothing for him. In fact, we were all in the Jeep when he took the pic and 2 of my boys were asleep!

    The triathlon was way fun and my goal is to complete one by myself. Jeremy I teamed up on that one because we had no clue what we were doing. Now we have an idea of what it's all about and maybe, just maybe, one day we'll do it. A P90X, never say die, attitude sure does help!! Thanks so much for your comments and the blessing goes both ways friend!